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Looking Back: July-Oct 2016

July 2016:

It happened on a Wednesday.  I know, because I went to the karate class after my BJJ class, and that only happens that way on Wednesday.

We were rolling, from standing, and my partner executed a takedown.  I wish I could remember which one.  I surely do not.  I remember falling…and “POP” and a LOT of pain.  I think what happened is I twisted as I fell, and my leg, for whatever reason, was unable to twist with me… and so, this is how I tore my ACL in late July 2017.  I wish I could say it happened in a tourney, or we were drilling some awesome move… but no, I just fell wrong.

I iced it, and then, being able to stand and walk, determined that it was fine, and went to the karate class afterwards.  I did note during the karate class that I couldn’t do any kicks with my right leg as the standing leg, cause I would fall over.  But, whatever, it’ll heal, right?


The next week I am limping and it is stiff…but I can walk, so again, I determine that nothing is wrong.  I buy a knee brace and continue with my universe, and modify at class so I am not doing any twisting motions.

I do not go to the doctor at this time because 1.  I train a lot and have injuries from time to time, and 2.  I am going to the Bahamas in a week and I don’t want the doctor to tell me I need a cast or something.  So I endure.

Fast forward to the end of August 2016:

My knee is feeling better, although still a little swollen.  I start allowing myself to do twisting motions in class…I go to throw a left roundhouse kick…and I am on the floor. Ow.  Pain, swollen again.  Crap.  That is NOT supposed to happen.  So, to the doctor I go.

It takes me about a week to find a doctor, as my insurance changed at work, and the orthopedic doctor I had gone to previously doesn’t take the new insurance.

September 2016:

I finally make it to the doctor.  Everything is crazy because I am a teacher, so I was also dealing with the start of school.  I get an x-ray, and tests it…and sends me for an MRI. FUDGE.

When the MRI comes back, it shows I have a complete tear of my ACL and my lateral and medial meniscus.  Surgery is recommended. *sigh* I schedule the surgery for November 9th.  November already has a lot of days off, so I’d have the least disruption to my classroom at this time.

October 2016:

Panic!  Should I really get surgery?  I never bothered to get a second opinion!  So, I do two things.  First, another appointment with the surgeon with whom I scheduled the surgery.  I put together a list of 20 questions (almost literally 20 questions) for him to answer.  Things like, what is going to happen the day of surgery, what happens if I don’t get surgery, why an allograft instead of an autograft.  He was really good and spent a solid 20 minutes with me answering questions.  When my appointment time ran out he offered to let me stay if I had additional questions and he would come back and answer them after his next appointment.  I was satisfied with my answers at that point, and I’m sure he was glad I said I didn’t need to stay, but I greatly appreciated him offering, and that offer made me feel a lot better about the process.

Appointment with the second surgeon.  After examining me, I feel confident he did his best not to laugh at me.  Him: Yes, you need surgery.  He explained his process. I explained I already had a surgery scheduled.  Him: Good, cause you need surgery.  I asked if it was okay that my surgeon wanted to do an allograft, and he said yes, that every doctor has their preference, and there was nothing wrong with doing the allograft vs. the autograft.  Okay, then, surgery it is!

Next Post:  Surgery!


Welcome back…again?

Hi, blog universe!

I haven’t been around in a very long time, despite a couple of attempts to get started writing my blog again.  The past two years have been quite stressful, and although writing probably would have been helpful, I just wasn’t able to get the oomph to do so.  For the past 6 months, I’ve been writing on Facebook about my recent ACL surgery and recovery, and it reminded me that I like to write.  So…I’m going to add in some of my posts from the last few months here, and then continue my documentation of my journey here.  So…enjoy!