Misc. Ramblings

First, I want to state I can’t spell misc. you know, that word that means a bunch of unrelated things that are stuck together in a catagory cause they don’t go anywhere else?  Yea that.

I realized today that for years I was going to a crappy dermatologist.  (I had an appointment today at my new dermatologist)  I have rosacea and occasionally  have ecxema (which i also can’t spell), as well as the occasional bout of “i’m going to get skin cancer and die” brand of hypochodriac-ism.  So needless to say, I have to occasionally make a trip to the dermatologist.  My old dermatologist used to make you wait..and wait..and wait.  I used to bring papers to grade while waiting in his office cause I would be there for a minimum of an hour and a half.   And then when he came to see you, you saw him for I dunno, 15 seconds?  Long enough for him to ask what was wrong, do a minimal overview, and throw a prescription at you and away you went.

About 2 1/2 years ago, I moved about 45 minutes south of my previous location, and didn’t really need any dermatology stuff.  So when I had my latest bout of “oh my god I’m going to die of skin cancer”  I researched a new dermatologist near me.  And that is when I realized what an awful dermatologist my old one was.

First, I was seen almost right away, and was not left waiting for hours on end…she took a few minutes to talk to me, and gave me some creams to use…no freaking antibiotics!!! (my old dermatologist had me on antibiotics for like, 6 months…I finally just stopped going, I’m totally against that)  and she asked if I had dandruff because that was also common in people with skin like me…and gave me a suggestion to leave my dandruff shampoo in a while before rinsing it out.  3 years at the other dude and he never even MENTIONED my dandruff…

Today I went and she walked in and called my by my NAME, and remembered what she had prescribed me the time before…and again took the time to listen to me…I (like apparently everyone else in our little bjj blog community) managed to get ringworm…and my regular doctor told me to use the over the counter stuff…and when that didn’t work, I decided to go back to my (nice) dermatologist.  So she gave me an antifungal pill that I take once a week for 3 weeks, a cream to put on the rash, and a 2nd cream because she said some of it might be due to my excema (which, 3 paragraphs later, I still can’t spell).  I was in and out of there in a half hour, and felt well taken care of. 

Moral of the story?  Don’t accept Mediocrity (or less then mediocrity, for that matter!)

Meanwhile, apparently wordpress has decided to not inform me when my subscribed blogs have posted new posts…I haven’t read any posts in like 2 weeks (well that’s as far back as I had to go in Leslie’s blog to figure out why her comments were turned off!) WIERD….hmmm…and apparently it isn’t going to let me insert a link to her blog, either…grrrrr

Oh, there’s actually some bjj stuff in my ramblings today–Saturday is a stripe test…4th stripe…AAAAAAHHHHHHH that means I’m that much farther away from blue belt!!!! (yes you read that correctly, I said FARTHER away…)

I have off this week–the school I work at has a winter break 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This morning I went to the morning class–I wish I could go more often, but the only time I can go regularly is during the summer…we did circuts and then some cardio 🙂 

I have two checkpoints during the year where I look back at where I’ve been and where I’m going training wise.  One is in May, because every year since I started (I just finished year 2) of training, my dojo marches in the local Memorial Day Parade, and I take a picture with my two good friends at the end of the parade.  I didn’t intend the very first picture to be a way of remembering my progress, but it has turned into a great way to take stock on how well I’ve done to get back in shape.

The other is during this week (did you wonder where I was going with that?)  That’s because I started at my dojo in February 2 years ago, and only a week or two into training I hit winter break.  I VERY clearly remember me running around with a muay thai pad over my head and being afraid to stop because I feared I would fall over.  I remember that moment as a clear reminder of how out of shape I was when I started.  I could barely hold that muay thai pad over my head without it touching…I think there was only a centimeter of space between it and my head! 

So today, as we ran sprints as our cardio at the end of class, and I, although breathing very hard, was able to get all the way through them and didn’t drop dead, used that memory to help me keep pushing.  I’ve come a long way, and I’ve got a long way to go, but I am definitely up for the challenge!  Here’s to another wonderful year of martial arts!


Valentine’s Date with a 5 month old??

Today I skipped bjj AND karate

I wish I could say I had a hot date…

Well I did, but with the cutest little munchkin in my life, for whom I am an adopted “aunt”–my best friend’s 5 month old, Madelyn.

I babysat tonight so my friend and her husband could go out and enjoy some them time.

This was actually a slightly anxiety filled activity, because I’ve never babysat by myself before.  Not, never babysat a 5 month old, never babysat.  Not any child of any age.  For whatever reason, I was “not allowed” as a teenager.  So I never did.  So I was nervous.  I felt dumb that I felt nervous…My friends were LITERALLY down the street to see a movie…and I’ve spent plenty of time with Maddy basically by myself, when Brandt was downstairs and Mandi asleep..but somehow, seperating the parents from the munchkin makes for more anxiety for the new-to-baby-everything aunt!

But it was a challenge, and I was determined to see it through…plus I want to be able to spend time with her whenever, and if I am too afraid to spend a few hours with her while her parents are watching a movie, when am I ever going to get over that?  So off I went.  I managed to work myself into tears on the way there (anxiety is not a rational emotion, in any way shape or form, which is very frustrating)

But once I was there everything was fine.  We played for a bit and then she napped in my lap while I watched NCIS reruns on USA.  I attempted to move her to her swing for a while, but she woke up and I couldnt’ bear to watch her….just…stare at me…she’s got that down pat…She doesn’t fuss, or cry…she just…LOOKS at you.  So, being the easily manipulated aunt, I picked her up and we sat back down to watch tv and she fell asleep again, and there she was when my friends got home.

There was only one hiccup, and that was cause I accidently laughed while watching NCIS (and honestly, how can you not laugh while watching NCIS???) and I startled her out of sleep and she started to cry…but we were calm and collected and walked her around until she stopped 🙂

Then I got to learn how to feed her…she’s just starting “food”  which apparently means oat “cereal” mixed with formula…so I got to do that too 🙂

She’s sooo cute..and getting big SO FAST!  It kills me!! I’ve never known a little baby before..I was the youngest in my family and my brother didn’t have any kids, and this is the first of my really close friends to have a baby before, so everything is new and cool….lol…

But now I faced my fear of watching her 🙂 yay!!! That means I get to watch her more often!!!! yaaaaaaaaaay!

I wish I could post a picture, but mom and dad don’t want her picture out on cyberspace, and honestly, I can’t blame them…but then you could see just how dang cute she is…

and I wouldn’t trade tonight for the world…even bjj 🙂

Getting into a routine…

Since Christmas, I have been having trouble finding and keeping a routine with anything…school (my grad class), school (where I work), school (my dojo), and personal stuff like blogging, visiting my parents, and spending time with my 5 month old “niece” (the “” are because she isn’t TECHNICALLY my niece…but her mother is my super closest friend and I’m Aunt Regina so in my brain that makes her Niece Madelyn).  This is mostly because of the snow.  STUPID SNOW!  For those of you who are not in the north east, for the past month, at least once each week, we have been bombarded with snow or ice that has caused delayed openings, early dismissals, the cancellation of “school” and made for trecherous driving.

I am not one of those people who will go totally looney if their schedule is disrupted (mainly because, if you ask any of my friends, I am already loony) but I do require a consistancy in my week to keep up good habits–exersizing, eating right, cleaning my house, getting work done for “school” (isn’t it great how much I fit into the definition of the word school?)

So at the moment, I feel a hair more disorganized then I usually do, mainly because of these random snow days–I’m slowly working at making some sense of it all…

Meanwhile, what brought this up, was that my school added a second bjj night, mainly as a review of the things we did on monday, and I FINALLY was able to attend since my schedule wasn’t totally messed up, so that was swell.  I also finally got home from my grad class on time and since class wasn’t cancelled for weather, I was able to go on Thursday as well.  So, for the first time in a month, I got 3 days of training in, which makes me very happy.  Hopefully the weather holds out so I can continue to do so..

On the bright side, the groundhog did whatever he was supposed to do so spring comes early.  I’m excited.  I’m SO TIRED of this snow.  It is totally boo.  I want some warm weather and green leaves.

Hopefully next week I will get back to my regularly scheduled blogging 🙂