ACL on the road to recovery: Week 4

It’s been one month since I returned to martial arts training!  How quickly it has sped by!  I am starting to feel more confident–this week I did real burpees–prior to this week I was stepping one leg at a time to get from the squat to the pushup position and back again, and I was not doing the jump.  I still took my time, but I pushed both legs out and back again at the same time.  Good stuff.  Still not a fan of jumping jacks and the like–I think this week I’ll try working on some exercises at home that work on that type of movement, see if I can get my confidence up.

We are nearing the end of a kickboxing rotation, so we did some sparring this week.  One of the days I opted out….the other day we were doing only light sparring, so I opted in.  Meh.  I’m super hesitant, I’m afraid to get in close, I stay cautious and safe.  Probably best for now, but I don’t want this to become a habit either.

When I am standing around, I have taken to practicing pivoting motions on my right leg, both inward and outward.  It is outward that worries me the most, so my goal is to slowly practice pivoting with more and more weight on the leg, figuring, eventually I’ll be able to pivot and throw the kick.  Baby steps.  That’s all for this week, see you again next week! 😀

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Arm Day Tuesday

If you have been reading along, I have proclaimed Tuesday to be arm day.  The LAST thing I felt like doing today when I got home was…well, anything that required moving–as we are in an evil 95 degree heat wave. BUT!  I was determined not to make excuses, which I did a lot of last week.  So, I grit my teeth and said, “I at least have to do some pushups.”  Goal:  Do a pushup.  CRUSHED!  Here’s what I did, in total:

  1. FIVE real pushups with good technique
  2. 100 arm circles forward and backward
  3. 50 in each direction:  Palm presses? I don’t know if that is what these are really called–arms out like you were going to do arm circles, but then you turn palms up/down/front/back and press slightly in that direction.
  4. 30 jabs on my right and left with weights.

Yay!  My very first Arm Day Tuesday was a success!!!  Onward to Leg Day Wednesday tomorrow!


Monday Meditation Musings: Be Present

This past Sunday morning, I brought my niece and nephew to Duke Farms, in Hillsborough, NJ.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, please feel free to check it out.  It is an awesome place, I highly recommend it.

That is not the point of my post, however.  There is a tram that runs through the property and stops at various locations.  We decided to get off at a farther away stop, walk one stop worth, and then get back on the tram to return to the parking lot. (It was crazy hot, and I wanted the munchkins to enjoy, not to get bogged down in hot and tiredness). While we were walking along a path that we had also travelled along by tram, my niece suddenly exclaimed, “Hey, I don’t remember seeing that statue from the tram!!”  I sagely replied (at least I think so!), “Sometimes when you are going fast, you don’t see everything, so it is good to sometimes go slow and take a closer look!”  My niece agreed, and we continued on our walk.

Later, during my Headspace meditation, the theme of taking your time was reiterated.  I’m currently working my way through the rehab pack, and today the session talked about not rushing back into training.  That the skills you gained prior to injury are still there, and everything will come back with time.  Not to be concerned about how “far ahead” your competitors or teammates may have gotten while you have been healing.  In order to fully heal you have to be in the present, because your actions right now will eventually lead to the future.  So if you focus on your actions in the present, the future you are aiming towards will eventually come.  Focusing on the future and hoping to make it the present will not be successful.  This also resonates with my karate school’s core teachings…in the moment, at your best.  Many small moments, at your best, will eventually lead to change, success, improvement–whatever you are working to achieve.  One day, one moment, at a time.

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ACL on the road to recovery: Week 3

This week started out kind of rough, goal wise.  I’m going to focus on the things that went well, and then decide what things I can improve upon for next week.

Mental goals:

My goals here related to what time I went to sleep, and getting meditating each day.

Sleep:  Sunday through Tuesday I was asleep between 10:00 and 10:30.  This isn’t great, but better than what I was doing last week.  Wednesday night, however, I did a bad job.  I didn’t go to sleep until midnight.  And I surely felt the difference on Thursday!  Meanwhile, Thursday night I went to bed around 10, and Friday I was asleep by 9:45.  So those two nights were a success.

Meditation:  The beginning of the week was a fail.  Thursday, probably due to my lack of sleep Wednesday night, I was very anxious.  I dragged myself to karate, but when I got home, I was still feeling major symptoms.  I knew I couldn’t go to sleep that way–so I took 15 minutes of guided meditation with my friendly meditation app, headspace.  OMG! IT WAS AWESOME!  It totally did the trick!  The meditation calmed me down and relaxed me.  I slept really well that night–partially due to being exhausted, but also because of the meditation. Surely, if I had tried to go to bed that night without meditating, I would have gotten very little sleep!  Since Thursday, it has been much easier to set aside the time to meditate.  I needed a reminder!

Exercise Goals:
Going to karate was probably my only successful exercise goal.  I definitely need to focus on this a lot more this coming week.

Nutrition Goals:

I did well with eating dinner–but not so much with lunch.  Preparation is really important towards being successful, and I failed to prepare.  I bought all the materials for lunch, but failed to put them together prior to the week’s start.  So I need to set up all my lunches for the week today.  On the bright side, on Thursday and Friday, I determined I wasn’t eating yukkie bad for me food and bought a salad at Wawa when I got my coffee in the morning.

So, what can I do to improve for this coming week?

Exercise:  I am going to set aside a specific time RIGHT WHEN I GET HOME to do my exercises.  I am keeping to the same order:

  • Mondays and Thursdays:  Go to Karate 😀 😀
  • Tuesdays:  Arm Day
  • Wednesdays:  PT exercises/Leg Day
  • Fridays: Ab Day
  • Saturday and Sunday:  Go for a walk


but specifically going to exercise the instant I get home, so I don’t have time to “relax” and then never get to my exercise.

Mental:  I must work harder on making myself go to bed earlier.  There is nothing else to it.  It’s not like I’m doing anything important, I’m just watching tv or playing on my laptop.  I also learned that meditating at any time of the day can help, and if I don’t make it in the morning, there are other times that I can fit it in and it will do me good.  Right now I’m having trouble getting going in the morning, so my goal for this week is to fit it in where ever it will go.

Nutrition:  Preparation, preparation, and preparation.

That’s all for this week–see you again next week!


ACL on the road to recovery: Week 2

Okay.  So this week was chock full of no routine, which is awful for me.  I had off last Friday and this Monday for Memorial Day, and then I also was out of school on Thursday for a professional development day at Mercer County College.  All together, that equals a confusing week.  My goal this week, however, was to determine what steps I want to take moving forward, and this I have done.

I made three categories where in which I want to set goals:  Mental, Exercise, and Nutrition.  I decided I’m going to set these goals for now through the end of school, which would be June 23rd, at which point I’ll re-evaluate and adjust as necessary.

Mental goals:

I have two goals here….sleep and meditating.

On non-training days, I will go to sleep by 9:30 PM.  On training days, I will go to sleep by 10:00 PM.  This will allow me to get up–and actually out of bed, so I can spend my 10 minutes meditating in the morning before school.  This routine has totally been disrupted, and I think it is totally reasonable to be able to reinstate for these last 3 weeks of school.

Exercise Goals:

  • Mondays and Thursdays:  Go to Karate 😀 😀
  • Tuesdays:  Arm Day
  • Wednesdays:  PT exercises/Leg Day
  • Fridays: Ab Day
  • Saturday and Sunday:  Go for a walk

I am removing my time limits and stepping goals for the moment.  In general I walk quite a bit during the week, and not so much on the weekend, so that is why I decided the weekends were good days for walking, and I would do other forms of exercise during the week.

Nutrition Goals:

  • Dinners:  Eat Clean Bro
  • Lunches: Bought salad and chicken and containers to put it in
  • Treat/Breakfast: Yogurt or Bananas with peanut butter
  • Water: Bring reusable bottle to school

I ordered Eat Clean Bro meals for dinners.  For lunch, I bought some spring mix greens, pre cooked chicken and light Italian dressing.  I also bought bananas and peanut butter for breakfast and strawberry yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth.  This is probably not the most nutritious options, but it is a step in the right direction, so it will have to do!

As always, thanks for reading!



ACL on the road to recovery: Week 1

**A copy of my Week 1 post from Facebook**

Wednesday Update:
29 weeks since surgery
ACL on the road to recovery: Week 1

I’m really great with triage. Have 10 fires to put out and need to know where to start? I’m your girl. Need a list? I’m FANTASTIC with lists. I can make lists of lists! Have 20 things to do and 2 hours to do them in? I’m in! Need a logical point of view to help make a decision? I am all ears and eyes.

Two things I don’t do well: feelings and change. YUK. The past two weeks have been filled with both, and have derailed some of my goals. More about that in a second.

1. Ending Physical Therapy: I guess I figured PT would be like going to the doctor. If you go on a regular basis, you kind of get to know everyone, but you do your thing, and then you leave. And, maybe that is how it generally is. But PT took the place of karate in my life, and the people there became an important piece in my daily and weekly activities. Plus, I really really liked all of the people at my PT…everyone was super friendly and helpful, and genuinely nice. I saw them 3 times a week for 6 months. I knew their schedules. It was crazy hard to say goodbye. I miss them.

2. Return to Martial Arts: Yay! I was so excited to return!!! I am glad that I made the choice to remain in PT until I was cleared to return to training–it definitely made the change over much easier. And I am happy to see all of my karate friends again, especially Lisa My first karate class last Monday after the doctor appointment I felt very cautious…but each class since I have felt more confident. It definitely is going to be a while, however, before I am at 100%. One thing at a time, right?

Anyway, all of my goals have been totally kablooie for the past two weeks, so I need to pull a total reset button. I have gotten distracted by all these ikky feelings and I need to recenter myself and get my eyes back on the goal: ACL on the road to recovery.

So, my first goal is to accept that I got distracted, and refocus myself–rebuild my lego tower, so to speak. I have to decide what is going to make the best foundation for that. Shihan was just talking about this in class tonight, which I think was a sign.

As I previously mentioned, I am moving my weekly posts to my WordPress blog. Please feel free to follow me directly at I have it set up to automatically post a link to Facebook and twitter, so you can keep a lookout for those as well. The rest of this week the posts are reviews of my Facebook posts–My first official new post will be on Sunday June 4th.

I am going to try to post consistently on Sundays, so keep a lookout! Meanwhile, my goal for now through Sunday is this: 1. What is the most important action that I need to set a goal for first that will support all of my future goals, and 2. What exactly will that goal be?

Thanks as always for reading!