Heaven Help Them – Chapter 1

Gadreel returns from the Empty just as Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack are trying to solve Heaven’s angel shortage. If they can overcome the past, they might just be able to secure Heaven’s future.

Rated T, Gadreel/Dean, Sastiel, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Guilty Dean, Good Person Gadreel, Emotional Baggage, Baby Angels, Mpreg (Only Not The Squicky Kind?), Baby Angels Are Lil Wavelengths So…Spiritual Mpreg, Jack Uses His Nephilim Powers To Help Heaven’s Angel Shortage, Witchcraft, Canon Divergent At 13.22.

Did I mention Lucifer is actually dead and Michael’s actually stuck through the closed portal and Jack gets to keep his grace? ♥

New chapters posted each Tuesday, and this’s looking to be a long fic – 20+ chapters.

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Can we please see the Christmas Squid










(he was made by my friend Teta and you can find her maker’s page here. also anytime you mention Christmas Squid you have to sing the song, it’s a House Rule)

This is the Best holiday decoration ever.

Best Christmas thing ever. I don’t decorate for Christmas, but if I did, I’d decorate with a festive cephalopod.

tis the season!




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Christmas squid!!!!!!! 🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑

Hi world!!! I went to #bjj today after 2 months of not being in class for various reasons! I’m excited to be back but exhausted! It was hard rolling my tush out of my house tonight..and frustrating cause I couldn’t find my mouthpiece or my gi jacket, or my belt…but I found them and forced myself out the door!! I thought I looked kinda cute with my braid and my hat so y’all lucky ducks got a picture of me today 😉 #ontheroadtopurplebelt #karategirltrains (at Satori Academy of Martial Arts NJ)


This art may look familiar from over on @threshasketch. Now that the chapter’s up, I can say it’s a fic illustration!

8 Reasons – Chapter 2

Space pilot Dean is caught trying to break Sam out of prison, and ends up tossed into a cell with a half-man, half tentacly monster alien.

New chapters posted each Tuesday. ♥

Rated M, Destiel, Sci-Fi AU, Alien Octo!Cas, Space Pilot Dean, Prisoner Cas, Prisoner Dean, Prisoner Sam, Touchy-Feely, Tentacles, Snark and Sarcasm, Humor, Dean’s Tentacle Fetish Is Showing, The Impala Is a Spaceship.

Read chapter 2 here on AO3!

Forget About Instagram



I was so excited about this blog going over 100 followers the other day, and it’s going to be shut down at not even 2 months old. =/ As lousy as that is, there’s more than one place on the interwebs to post adult fanworks to be enjoyed by all the adults I KNOW are out there in fandom.

Instagram is a bust, by the way. Their TOS reads just like Tumblr’s new one, right down to the “female nipples” comments.

Anyway, thank Chuck for AO3. ♥

I have put everything that was on this blog into an AO3 “art book” with one art piece per chapter. Subscribe to see any new smutty art I post, comments and kudos always appreciated!

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Signal boosts are appreciated on this one! I know not everybody uses AO3, it’s just kind of a dismal feeling to go from 114 followers here to 22 subs over there. Still, I’m very grateful anybody subbed at all on AO3 – if you did, thank you! ♥

P.S. if you are considering making an AO3 smut art book as well, know that you have to host the images elsewhere and embed them with a source link, just like folks do with bang art. Chapters require at least 10 characters, so putting captions under the pictures is a good idea. 





I have had 3 mineral posts flagged as adult content today. They contained a tourmaline, a muscovite, and a galena. On Friday I had 3 fossil posts flagged as adult content, including a fossil fish, a fossil tooth from a mastodon, and a Tyrannosaur vertebrae. I’ve submitted appeals for each. This has been getting worse over the past month, apparently most of geology content is now only for adults. 

Apparently you can’t get your rocks off on Tumblr anymore. 

i am contractually obligated to congratulate you on this reply