Ahhh…so jealous! Fenom is now making a blue gi!!!

I was over at Julia’s checking out her post on femininity (spelling? bueller?) anywho, she mentioned that Fenom is preordering right now for a new blue gi…*melts into a regina puddle next to the computer*…I think I’m in love….

*wishes she hadn’t promised herself no new gi until she fits into an A2 :(*


What happens when a lefty and a righty throw the same kick during sparring?

They hit each other in the knee and fall down in agonizing pain.

No serious damage, but it HURTS. and of course, this occurs the week before my tourney on the 13th. Which mght be the most prepared tourney I’ve ever had. (side note…wordpress is not letting me see anything I type right now, so I’m totally not liable for any mistakes) Anyway…This might be the most prepared I’ve ever been for a tourney, and I’m super excited cause *FINALLY* there are more people from my dojo coming out to watch and compete. yay! As such, we did some practice competitions with everyone standing in a circle and giving competers matches…so that was super cool 🙂

Also, I have advice fo the unwanted correction–….”Thanks..ok…” and then just ignore it. I hate that. Like, I’m pretty aware of when I’m doing something wrong, and I try very hard not to get my hackles up when someone who is not as experienced then I am (and making mistakes of their own) corrects me. That’s the instructor’s job. Thanks for playing.  just my thought. There’s a time and a place to correct someone. Personally, no matter how WRONG a higher belt was doing something, I would NEVER think to correct them. It’s just not my place. But that’s just me. (AHHA! If I highlight what I write, I can see it. cool.) Just a little mini rant from me. Sorry if there are any major spelling errors or typos. I can’t spell when I can see what I’mt yping..never mind when I can’t! lol 🙂

If plan a doesn’t work–try plan b!

So, I’ve been trying to be good an eat a decent breakfast and bring lunch to school (I’m a teacher, so school=’s work!).  But, it just hasn’t been working out.  What has been occurring is I’ve been coming to school, and then buying breakfast, coffee, and lunch.  This is detrimental in several ways–1st–school food is overpriced for adults, considering its basically the same food the kids get for half the price they charge adults.  2nd..it’s GROSS…greasy and yukky and carb-filled.  3rd, it means that instead of putting truvia and fat free half and half in my coffee, it means I put sugar and regular half and half in my coffee.

SO, this morning, I brought all the materials needed to eat breakfast and lunch to school!  We have a small fridge in our prep room, where I can store fat free half and half, milk, peanut butter and jelly… and a coffee maker.  So today I got to school, made a bowl of cereal and ate my yogurt, made a pot of coffee,  and then for lunch I made a pb&j sandwich.  Yay!  No extra money spent, and calories deducted!  Success!