*already martial arts deprived*

*sigh*  I’m taking a week long class this week for grad credit–its a cool class…field botany and creative writing (well if you like being outdoors) BUT it’s in Maine…which is..well…far far far away from home…9 hours away from home, in fact. *sigh*  So, I already miss it.  I took a picture of my belt to remind me to eat well and exersize while I’m here..I hope it works 🙂  Had my first dinner here, seems pretty good, and they have a nice salad bar…I just have to stay away from the brownies…I had an ittle bittle piece of one and it was like pure FUDGE *yum* so far far away from that I must stay lol  Yoda I am tonight, apparently.  It’s beaUUUUUUUUUUUUtiful up here though…Its nice to get a break from the 90+ temperatures I’ve had at home for all of July.  I’m soooooooo not looking forward to August at this rate.

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m hoping I will sleep well tonight…have to be up EARLY tommorrow…breakfast starts at 7 am…I haven’t woken up before 8 am in a month….and I am hoping to wake up a little earlier then that so I can take a walk…although it’s pretty nice now, I could probably take a walk instead of typing this post on my computer.  In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to do! *grinz*

*hope all you people out there have lots of training stories for me this week so I can get my fix, since I won’t have any classes to go to! :)*



Training 7/22/10

I really wanted to title my post “I have a new bruise!” but I was afraid some well meaning person would try to save me 🙂

But I really do have a new bruise, and it is proof of my yukky sparring during kickboxing…lol it’s from a front kick…it’s on my belly…I can HONESTLY say I’ve never had a bruise THERE before…lol…I guess I should probably invest in a chest protector…

Food for Thought

I came across this random blog on the “freshly pressed” page, and it caught my attention.

I am, in most things in my life, a moderate–politics, religion, nature vs nurture, the best martal arts, whatever.

(Except bjj..lol nothings better then that! lol)

HOWEVER, as a BIOLOGY teacher, I occasionally come across some extremes in regards to the evolution/creation dilemma (with both students and teachers, oddly enough).  Anywho, this makes me somewhat interested about different views etc etc, and I rather liked this one, and felt compelled to share it.  Don’t know why, it just struck me.  Hmmm…maybe that was just from sparring tonight…..


BJJ and nunchuck “seminar” 7/19/10

I wrote the word seminar in quotes because my karate school is hostng a series of seminars over the summer for different types of martial arts.  Monday’s was BJJ and nunchucks…lol but the BJJ seminar is with our usual BJJ instructor (a black belt hired by our school) at our usual BJJ time, with nunchucks after.  Anyway, it was cool and super enjoyable 🙂

First we did some take downs…which I appreciate we almost never do that in class *grr*  The first take down was to circle hands around waist, then lower to hips and basically try to fold them in half so the fall down on their backs.  From there we worked 1. side control, and kimura; and 2. side control, escaping side control to guard, sit-up sweep to mount. (I have to admit something dumb I learned tonight–we always call a kimura a keylock.  I ddn’t know they were the same thing. silly me lol.)  The second take down we did started the same way, hands circling the waist, and  then switching to their back, and kicking the knee to get them down, getting their back, and then rolling over and choking them (right arm around their neck, hook on left bicep, left hand behind their head…what ever that is called). Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was alot of fun 🙂

Nunchucks were taught by one of our sensei’s.  We don’t do a lot of weapon work in our regular karate classes, but it’s in our black belt curriculum so generally I watch the black belts practice with envy pouring out of my ears.  It was fun…I felt like a ninja! woot :)–but pretty sure I didn’t *look* like a ninja….lol and then one of our sempais, who has trained extensively in Japanese Jiu Jitsu (lol I almost wrote Japanese BJJ HAH!) showed us some wrist locks and that was cool…I think it’s amazing how you can smush somebody to the ground just by turning their wrist the right way…but it works…you have two choices–fall down or break your wrist…lol

As a side note, I have been using my upcoming karate belt as a motivator, and it seems to be working (Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but my Sensei put aside a belt for me in the next size down as part of a weight loss program) When we’re doing anything tiring…I just picture that red belt sitting in the basket in the office…and it really helps..gives me an extra ounce of energy to keep going…I always thought those things were dumb when websites and books and stuff tell you to do stuff like that…but it really works…really! honestly! 🙂

The day that addicted me to BJJ

The end of August will mark one full year of my BJJ addiction.  I was randomly sorting thru pics on facebook, and I found a picture taken at the very first BJJ tourney I ever went to, which cemented my addiction in BJJ.  There were several people from my school competing, and I went as the official picture taker and cheerleader 🙂 

Teehee..if you play “which of these things is not like the other” I think you can figure out which one is me.  If not, I’m wearing a green shirt and light beige shorts 🙂1st BJJ Tourney

Have a goal, it does the body good :)

Recently, at the end of karate class, Sensei was talking about setting goals…and she said if you set a goal for each day, then at the end of the day you can look back at your day and go, oh great, I succeeded at *put your goal here* and it will keep you from getting bored with the routine of day after day.

One of my summer long term goals is to get my house in order, since in the past two years I’ve lived in my condo I have promptly accumulated a lot of CRAP.  (Not a hoader, I swear…its just the papers reproduce when my back is turned!) However, it has been very intimidating to get started on the cleaning process…so after hearing this little pep talk, I thought to myself, “hey Regina, does it really matter where you start, or how much you do in a day? NO!  As long as you do a little bit each day, eventually it’s GOT to get better.” 

So, I set a goal.  My goal is that every day, no matter how small…even if it’s just taking out the trash, I will do SOMETHING to straighten my house.  So far, so good…I have been avoiding the “I must get such and such done today” trap because it puts this odd pressure on me and I shy away from that (don’t ask me why it just does). 

Every night (cause that’s when I clean..tooo hot during the day YUK) I look around and find the thing that annoys me the most…For example, I started with my plop table…(which is the table where I *plop* all my stuff–mail, etc when I get home.  I know, a very original name :). Anyway, It had gotten so piled with mail (again, it reproduces at night I swear) that I couldn’t *plop* anything on it anymore.  So I cleaned it :).  And I felt so good about cleaning it off that I continued to clean and throw mail away and even *gasp* DUST!  Before I knew it, I had made major progress!  And so I have continued.  And I feel successful–I don’t feel overwhelmed, I have yet to fail to achieve my goal, and most of the time I surpass my goal, and when I get tired of cleaning, whether it’s been 10 minutes or an hour, when I look around at what I was doing, I can see a difference, and a feel a sense of achievement.  *yay I did it!*

It’s not a world changing idea, but I can guarentee that I as long as I set a (reasonable) goal for the day, I will NOT ever go to bed thinking *gosh, today was a complete waste of a day*–Instead, I can go to bed saying *yay, today I cleaned my plop table and it looks a lot better!*

And it is most interesting how such a small thing like “set a goal for every day” can make such a BIG difference in the long run.

Happy goal setting!

Random Non Martial Arts Related Rant

1st all my freinds got married.

now all my friends are having kids.

It’s really annoying and somewhat depressing.

I went to a baby shower today.  It was fun and cute and all that…


The worst part is I don’t really have much maternal instinct to have a child…

But I’ve always said thats cause I think a relationship has to come first before you can start thinking about that.

And there arent any of those at the moment…



And I’d love to blame the world..but I KNOW I don’t go out, so OBVIOUSLY I’m not going to meet anyone…DUH…


Oh well collapse into self pity party is over…