Fast Defense–Bill Kipp

Hey! A while ago, I posted about the fast defense seminar we had at my school–well we finally got the video back from the seminar, so I figured I’d share :). You can fast forward to 5:10 if you just want to see me 🙂



I feel like i haven’t written in so long…mainly cause my dojo recently started an “online dojo” so I’ve been helping getting people talking and discussing stuff on the online forums there…so I figured I’ll just repost the post I just posted there 🙂 (hmm…how many times can you get the word “post” into one sentance?

Osu everyone!

BJJ (or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Grappling) is often classified as a “male dominated sport”, but there’s lots of females who enjoy it immensely (myself included). I’ve been very excited to see our BJJ class here at Satori grow and see more females join in for the fun!

From talking with other females, one of the biggest turn-offs to BJJ for girls is the close proximity. Can’t blame you! But if you can get past that, BJJ is lots of fun, especially if you are a fan of strategy games *grinz*. Additionally, not enough can be said about being able to defend yourself from the ground.

It is really intimidating to try something new, especially when you are stepping onto a mat filled with males. I was incredibly nervous the first time I went to a BJJ class–and felt dumb about it–I knew the facility, I knew the people–I think it was harder for me to start doing BJJ then it was for me to walk into the dojo for the very first time–explain that one to me!

In any case, after my first class, I was addicted, and promptly went searching online for other females who enjoyed BJJ as much as I did (I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one!), and what I found was an amazing online community of female BJJ bloggers who had lots of great advice.

My goal for this post is to share some of the BJJ blogs I read on a regular basis–check them out–and I encourage ANYONE to come out and try our BJJ class–you won’t regret it! 🙂

In no particular order:

Fueled by Fear

Georgette’s Jiu Jitsu World

You Want Me To Put My Head Where?

BJJ Grrl

In addition, I just treated myself to a gift from B&N–Jiu Jitsu University, by Saulo Ribeiro. It was suggested to me by one of blog-friends, and since then I have been distracted from the 100’s of other things I SHOULD be doing! It has step by step pictures, instructions, a brief history of the sport, and is just filled with information. Of course, no book can take the place of class, but it is an amazing reference piece. Of course, it came with a hefty $40.00 price tag, but I think it was worth it.

Ciao! Hope to see everyone on the mat!


Bill Kipp –FAST Self Defense Seminar

Tonight my school had a self defense seminar hosted by Bill Kipp. This is the second time I’ve done the seminar and it was just as cool the second time as the first time. The premise is to teach easy things ANYONE, not just a martial artist can do to defend yourself, and even better, prevent yourself from getting into the situation in the first place.

FAST stands for…ummm….lemme go look that up…lol oh here it is: fear adrenal stress training

We rehersed how not to be passive or aggressive in our stance, but to be assertive–stand with one leg back, hands in front, make eye contact…

Use your voice–NO STAY BACK lol…he called it the “bad dog” voice–dogs will listen to it and so will human “dogs”

Then we went over some basic strikes–eye pokes, knee to the groin, and slaps to the groin…

And the best part? Getting to practice on a fully padded guy who attacks you…

What a rush!

It is videotaped so you can watch it after you are done, because you are so hyped up while it’s going on its hard to remember later…its totally cool.

If there is ever a seminar near you, GO! It is one of the most amazing and useful seminars you will attend, male or female.

For more information, you can go to their website, here; or you can check out their blog, here.

and here are some youtube vids (not from my school):

technology is awesome!

So, I’ve been saying for months that I was going to get a new phone, specifically a smartphone…for several reasons…1. my old phone was 4 years old and dying, 2. I run around like a loon and need better internet access away from a computer, and 3. I needed a phone I could use as a hotspot so I can have internet access at work cause I’m a schoolteacher and our system blocks the stupidest stuff. *sigh*

YAY I am now a proud owner of a droid incredible…which I am slowly learning to use…big difference from my old flip phone…but I am sooo excited….and now I can do stuff like post from work, which I couldn’t do before, as I was prevented from logging into wordpress by our lovely computer system here at school. 🙂

Spazzy BJJ girl and cool seminar by Tom Callos

One of the new girls at bjj is SPAZZY!!!  Lisa tried to talk to her, but there was no go there…and she got all up in Lisa’s face, which Lisa didn’t take very well (and I think was kinda rude, since Lisa is an adult and the girl is a teenager…)…We were drilling how to start a roll from our knees, and getting into an armbar from there.  Lisa said the girl was throwing her to the ground like they were in a gold metal match…so when it came to sparring, we switched, and I sparred with her…I let her just drain herself of energy pushing and fighting to get out of my guard…lol….she was too strong for me to try to submit, but had absolutely NO technique…so I just let her flail.  I swept her a couple of times, attempted a choke here or there…but it was like trying to choke…well…hmmm…I’ll hafta think about that one…

Lisa and I weren’t going to stay for the seminar (Lisa didn’t want to stay and she drove me, since my car is still at the mechanic…who, after taking it apart and putting it back together again still doesn’t know what’s wrong with it :() but we ended up staying, and it was very cool..mostly self defense, and using stuff around you….we did a cool drill sitting with chairs and how to put the chair between you and your opponent…it was very cool…he’s a super cool guy…for more info on Tom Callos, click here!

anywho, all in all a good night….i miss my car!!! My vice principal lives in the next town over so she’s been giving me a ride to school…although I think if they don’t figure my car out by tommorrow I might give in and rent a car…*sigh* poor car….I miss her….:(