I strongly dislike (socializing at) parties.

Especially when I don’t really know anyone. My brother is hosting a Christmas party for his horse riding friends, and I am there also.  I have met some of his horse friends, but I am very introverted,  so at a party such as this, I am not very socialable.  And not that I am not enjoying myself, but there is a (very low) limit on small talk I can stand.  And people tend to assume if you are quiet, you are not having fun.

So I eat, instead.  I can’t be expected to socialize if I am busy stuffing my face.

And that’s why I don’t like (socializing at) parties.

Weight, Training, and Other Misc. Stuff

I finished my 1st 10 week challenge with Max Fitness.  I lost 7 pounds.  I’m pretty proud. 😀  Hopefully I can keep it up!  I want to fit into an A2 gi by the end of summer.  I’ve been getting to training (karate and bjj) pretty regularly, in addition to my morning max fitness class.

I had a epiphany the other day–I was trying to figure out why I have managed to stick with the fitness class, when in the past I have been very unsuccessful at staying at fitness classes–I stay at karate and bjj because I feel like I am learning a skill (well, gosh, cause I am) and that keeps my interest.  But then I realized–I have known for some time that I needed to increase my workout to get in better shape for both my karate and bjj.  But I did not have the inner motivation to work out in my house.  My new fitness class gives me that motivation.  And this is the actual epiphany--I am sticking with the fitness class because I know it will increase my ability in my karate and bjj classes–and I have definitely seen an improvement in my strength and cardio since I started my fitness class…positive reinforcement, people!

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

This week felt pretty good training wise, particularly BJJ.  The last couple of weeks I personally have felt a little out of it because I was not at class for so long, and I think everyone was still recovering from the holidays cause attendance was low.  But this week seemed to solve both of these things.  I didn’t feel completely BJJ-lacking, and many of our regular classmates (and some new ones, yay!) were in class.  Next weekend is the end of this “cycle” so we are having a stripe test.  I originally figured I wasn’t going to be ready, but after class on Thursday I feel a little more confident.  I’ll make my final decision after next Thursday’s class…but I’m probably going to go.  I also feel more confident about competing in March…again, I didn’t think I would be up to it, but I now realize I have a whole month to train and get ready..so..why not?

I am happy to report that my scale reports I have lost 4.5 lbs, and I am pretty dang excited about that…I’ve been sticking to my nutrition plan for 4 weeks, and approx a pound a week is a nice average.  yay!  I wish I could stick to my nutrition plan better over the weekend, I probably would see some better results, but I start my Saturdays really early and end them really late, and even when I bring food with me, I end up still being hungry-ish.  Oh well.  I will do the best I can, and make sure to be super on task during the week, and not go crazy over the weekend.