BJJ 2/2/12

We learned lots of cool stuff today so I wanted to write it down before I forgot.

I like when we learn a whole chain of events in order, it makes lots of sense to me and helps you drill the basic moves without getting bored 🙂

We started in butterfly guard (which is rare, and part of the reason I want to write it down) and swept from there–shifted weight to your right hip, then overhooked your left arm–grab the back, and underhooked the right arm, grabbing bicep.  Then lean to the right and kick left leg up–sweep! (whee! fun!)

Then your partner countered by posting their leg–I guess that would be their left leg? (left and right are NOT my strong points…..this is why I don’t teach elementary school!!!) so you underhook their leg and sweep them the other way.

THEN (apparently tonight I’m bad on sequence words as well)…

Lets try Third, instead.


THIRD, your partner posts their other leg, and you switch to an x-guard.

Fourth, you grabbed their close hand, pushed it away from your face along the ground, and pushed up with your legs–sweep! (whee!, fun!)

Fifth, they counter by trying to push your knee with their far hand, so you grab that hand instead and pull over your head and push up with legs–sweep into knee on belly<–not fun for your partner 🙂

And last, we transitioned from knee on belly to armbar.  We ended with some rolling, and there was a blue belt girl there (yay!!!!) 

All in all a good night.

Now, for the hard part, where I have to convince my body that it doesn’t want to stay up for ten billion hours, that I need to sleep cause i have to go to work tomorrow…*sigh*

I always have that problem after bjj…not as much after karate class…I don’t know why…but my adreniline is seriously pumped after bjj, and I find it really hard to calm down and sleep…anyone else? Or is it just me who is odd?<–is odd anyway, just want to know if there is another thing to add to the odd list 🙂

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