Weight, Training, and Other Misc. Stuff

I finished my 1st 10 week challenge with Max Fitness.  I lost 7 pounds.  I’m pretty proud. 😀  Hopefully I can keep it up!  I want to fit into an A2 gi by the end of summer.  I’ve been getting to training (karate and bjj) pretty regularly, in addition to my morning max fitness class.

I had a epiphany the other day–I was trying to figure out why I have managed to stick with the fitness class, when in the past I have been very unsuccessful at staying at fitness classes–I stay at karate and bjj because I feel like I am learning a skill (well, gosh, cause I am) and that keeps my interest.  But then I realized–I have known for some time that I needed to increase my workout to get in better shape for both my karate and bjj.  But I did not have the inner motivation to work out in my house.  My new fitness class gives me that motivation.  And this is the actual epiphany--I am sticking with the fitness class because I know it will increase my ability in my karate and bjj classes–and I have definitely seen an improvement in my strength and cardio since I started my fitness class…positive reinforcement, people!


osu, moose, goose!

LOL…usually when we bow out at karate, we bow once to our instructor, once to any other instructors on the mat, and once to any sempai’s on the mat. so, it goes something like this:

Instructor: bow osu  Us: (bow) osu

Instructor: bow to so and so osu Us: (bow) osu

Instructor: bow to sempais osu Us: (bow) osu

Today, after those….

Instructor: bow moose Us: (bow) moose

Instructor: bow goose Us: (bow) goose

We were all giggling by the time we were done.  😀

(oh, if you don’t know, osu is pronounced “oose” and so, rhymes with moose and goose!)

Apology to my body–and goal reminder

Dear Body,

I’m sorry.  I haven’t been treating you very well lately.  I’ve been running all over the place, trying to have 16 hour days with only 5 hours of sleep.  I can’t really blame you for rebelling!  And then to top it all off, this week I forgot to go grocery shopping so I have been eating gross school food for lunch.  I’m sorry–but I thought it was better then starving you!

I PROMISE that this weekend I will set aside some time inbetween band and my bjj stripe test to do the following:  1.  RELAX, 2. GO GROCERY SHOPPING, and 3.  Do some minor cleaning so you don’t have to live in a pig sty.

I am reminding myself of my goal–my next karate belt is one size smaller then my current belt.  It’s all set aside for me and waiting.  When I go to karate on Saturday we are going to go visit it.  But until then, this picture will have to do:

This is my next karate belt, one size smaller then the one I'm wearing now!

Thank you body for being patient with me.  I realize the error of my ways and am taking steps to correct them so we can get along better and achieve our goals.



Yay! back to monday bjj and karate :)

Ahh…crazy schedule has calmed down a little bit…

although I kinda giggled…I put on facebook that my plans for this evening included: nap, grocery shopping, bjj, karate, and relaxing….and someone posted “whoa, that’s a lot in one evening” and i’m thinking to myself…well that’s cause three nights of the week I’m stuck at band practice and can’t do ANYTHING…


The next few weeks look like they are going to be review in bjj cause we have a stripe test coming up. I have to convince my band director to give me a saturday off so I can go to the test…I won’t be able to make the make up either it’s even worse timing…it’s like during our championships…otherwise I have to wait like another bunch of months and that’s just boo. 😦

Today we reviewed sweeps–sissor (gosh, anyone, how do you spell sissor? i can’t ever get it right…sigh) situp, and a sweep from when the person in your guard stands. Of course, I don’t knwo the name of that sweep…I’ll call it the stand up sweep. So the person stands up, you grab their right sleeve with your right hand….left foot goes to their hip, right foot hooks under their calf. Push with your left leg, pull with your right, and down they go.

I have to be honest, I was a bad girl today. It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken bjj at my home school cause of my loopy schedule, I probably did slightly more talking then jits…I haven’t seen my usual jits partner in like a month…we had a lot to catch up on, and of course she wanted to hear about the tourney and stuff, plus we’re both school teachers so we were talking about our first days at school etc etc.

Karate class: Did a little bit of mitt work, not a lot cause it’s technically a grappling week….worked on blocking and firing back with a cross or an upper cut. I worked with Paul so I got a good workout 🙂 I ❤ Paul he's a super amazing sempai 🙂 mmmm….some review of self defense from a choke from the front, and then grappling we worked how to get out from someone who is mounted….the usual suspects, here, umpa and knee to elbow (so HARD!!!) but I was evesdropping to the advanced people he was showing them how to get to butterfly guard…and said he'd show more at the intermediate/advanced class….I guess I'm going to class on Thursday!!! 🙂

Felt really good to get back to training at "home" Missed everybody and was glad to be in a familiar school.

So many things, so little time…

I wish I’d had time to write earlier, so much stuff has happened! On Wednesday we had a Systema and muey thai seminar which was way cool 🙂 For the muey thai, we focused on clenches–all different ways to get into them and get out of them and different techniques–like one I remember was a head lock–super swell! 🙂 Systema is a Russian system, similar to krav maga in that it is military in origin. Now If I ever need to crouch down and shoot a machine gun 360 degrees swath I can do it! It was super cool 🙂

Thursday–kickboxing–hmmm…don’t remember anymore *sigh* OH wait, I remember now…our Kyoshi was in town (see next paragraph) and he did some cool self defense with us woot!

Friday–Our Kyoshi, who is in charge of a whole bunch of schools which includes my school also runs a “martial arts school” for owners which covers good business practices and teaching practices and so forth, and every few months they have a seminar at our school on Fridays. Nancy (our head sensei) asked me if I was available to help out and I was…that was an amazing day–Firstly, our Kyoshi (in my opinion) is just amazing person–the epitome of a martial artist! I love being able to hear him speak and train under him when he is visiting. Anywho, he was running the seminar and I got lots of cool tips that I think I will be able to apply in my own classroom this fall when school starts. After the seminar we cleared the mats and trained…I felt so insignificant training with these amazing cool black belts…also saw a CRAZY amazing jits demonstration…oh, so cool…maybe if I learned to count in Japanese I could be as cool as them!!! lol

Anywho, after that we had a FOG (fear of God) test for our advanced brown belts to see who will go on to the Black Belt test which is in October (the other reason Kyoshi was visiting) so I stayed to cheer on some of my classmates who will be getting their black belt..yay!

Saturday–Satori Academy day at the beach! We went to Sandy Hook, a local beach–met at 8 am to do a beach cleanup (we got SO much trash, sheesh!) and then we trained on the beach with Kyoshi…we did a bunch of stuff with the kids and then Kyoshi took us adults and we did balance exersizes in the surf…which was soooo cool….standing on one leg…kicking the waves, punching the waves..pushups, situps…oh it was spectacular fun….yaaay!

^Me, sleeping on the beach and all of us on the steps leading to the beach 🙂
PHEW…and now I’m at band camp for a week (I teach a color guard, if you know what that is…) and it is RAINING which is really sucky but we’ll survive….Just will be very waterlogged….*sigh*


So, today, and for the next three days, I have a professional development in Hoboken, which is…oh, 45 minutes or so from my house during the day. I haven’t gotten up early all summer, so today was exhausting….it wasn’t really an exhausting type of thing, it just was me not being used to being up and around from 6 am. ANYWHO, I got home exhausted around 4, and decided, oh I’ll just lay down and take a nap for a bit, cause I don’t have karate until 7.

OOPS…woke up AT 7 on the dot, confused as hell. First I saw the time and thought I was late for my professional development (thinking it was morning) and then realized, no, it’s still the evening *CRAP* karate…rush around, get changed barge out the door–and get caught talking to my neighbor, who I see like once every 3 months…our schedules just don’t coinside…we aren’t ever leaving or coming home at the same time.

Anywho, it was nice to get caught talking to her, because she told me I looked really good and that I had lost weight (yaaaay) so that made me feel good 🙂

Finish talking to her, and then I zoom to class…gosh it’s a good thing I live around the corner from the dojo…

Sensei Tori from our East Brunswick school was there (for whatever reason) YAY! I like when she does kickboxing! woot! We did more practicing fake outs…I think I like faking a jab and then throwing a jab, and the kick low a lot (and advertise it) and out of nowhere jab. Some light sparring, nothing heavy.

For our end of class workout, she played a game with us. She split us into two groups and she had a stack of cards. She showed a card to the first person in the group, and you could either take it or pass. The number on the card was how many of whatever exersize your group had to do (pushups, mountain climbers, situps, or squats). The goal was to have the higher score at the end..so if she showed you a 3, you could say pass, and you’d get the next card, hopefully a 7 or something.

so, i know that doesn’t make any sense, so here’s an example…
Team 1 is shown a 3. 1st person on that team says “pass” she shows a 7 and puts it in team 1’s pile. Team 1 does 7 pushups.
Team 2 is shown a 10. 1st person on team 2 accepts, team 2 does 10 pushups. Card is put in pile

Back to team 1: 2nd person shown a 6, they “pass”, and are shown a 3. Team 1 does 3 mountain climbers
Team 2: 2nd person shown a 6, they accept, Team 2 does 6 mountain climbers

Team1: 3rd person shown a 5, they accept, team 1 does 5 situps
Team 2: 3rd person shown a 2, they “pass”, and are shown an 8, team 2 does 8 situps

Team 1: 4th person shown a 6, they accept, team 1 does 6 squats
Team 2: 4th person shown a 4, they pass, are shown a 10, and do 10 squats

Then you would start over again from pushups

At the end, you add up each team’s total:
Team 1: 7+3+5+6=21
Team 2: 10+6+8+10=34

YAY! Team 2 won!

Subtract the difference between the two numbers (13 in this case)
Team 1 does 13 pushups, 13, mountain climbers, 13 situps, 13 squats. Team 2 holds a straddle split.

yay! I’m going to guess she probably does this a lot with the juniors–“disguise repetition” and “make it a game”

Note to self! 🙂
Okay going to bed now, cause I have to get up again tommorrow!