So….my grand exercise plan for this week was waylaid by a horrible head cold. Grr. But I did manage a variety of things this week, including working on (ewww) prep for school, spending a day with my niece and nephew, cooking real food, a day relaxing at the beach, and I finally got to train today. My body feels like jelly, and I had to give myself a stern talking to to get me there, but I did!!

Oh, and I have the beginnings of a bruise on my right arm–sign of a good training day!!

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If I was willing to make a video, I would have, because when I got in my car Carry on My Wayward Son was on the radio. But I won’t do that without a prewritten script, so…no. Maybe one day.

In any case, look at that hair!!!! I knew I wasn’t going to be around Friday night, so I made sure to go on Wednesday, so I still got two days in. Next week I’m aiming for three days and at least one day at home doing something– probably strength training because I enjoy that, so it’s easier to get the motivation to do that at home.

I’m slowly starting to remember how to breathe. I didn’t feel totally smashed after our rolls at the end of class…it helped that I had a fantastic first match and rode that through the other two matches.

#bjj #training #ACL #surgeryrecovery #ACLrecovery #ontheroadtopurplebelt #carryonmywaywardson #akf (at Edison, New Jersey)

I’m just gonna lay here on my floor for a while…

Meanwhile, I got the best complement from my coach…he asked how long I had been training because I was very technical, and I said about 5 years, and he asked if I’d taken breaks and it gave a great opportunity for me to explain I was coming back after 2 years off because of an #acl injury. But he said I was technical I love it I’m so happy!!! #bjj I have missed you so much!! I’m glad my muscles remember what they are supposed to do even if my lungs don’t!!! #aclinjury #training #recovery #ontheroadtopurplebelt (at Satori Academy of Martial Arts NJ)

Lookit that tomato face!!! 2nd BJJ class…and 1st time I’ve trained 3 times in one week….in probably a year! My muscles are doing jellyfish impression right now but it feels AWESOME!! I was unsuprisingly totally smushed during rolling, but loved it all the same!! And I got a complement on my hip movement while we did triangles, so that was exciting!! I have trouble skipping (one of our warm ups) either lacking or to afraid of the explosive power on my right leg. If anyone has any suggestions to work that, lemme know! #bjj #ontheroadtopurplebelt #acl #injury #recovery #training #triangles #hipmovement #likeasnake (at Satori Academy of Martial Arts NJ)

2 years ago, in the last week of July, I tore my ACL and my lateral and medial meniscus. After surgery, rehab, and general life bumps in the road, I am finally back to training BJJ. I never caught my breath once during the whole class but I went and it was awesome and I am so happy to be back on the mats. Purple belt, here I come!!
#training #martialarts #injury #recovery #bjj #ACL (at Satori Academy of Martial Arts NJ)

My karate school had a Muay Thai seminar yesterday…today this awesome bruise showed up on my arm!!!

I realize that’s probably not the normal reaction, but hey, I know I was working hard!!

And I don’t know how to smile in selfies, I can’t focus on taking the picture and smiling. If I do smile I just look fake and dumb. I tried to take the picture without my face but it looked even wierder…so…yea…