2 Years of Max Fitness

Two years ago, my karate school started hosting a fitness and nutrition program called The Max Challenge.  If you are interested, click here for a list of locations.  They are mostly concentrated in Central NJ, but also have locations in Staten Island, NY and recently opened two locations in California.  I knew I needed to supplement my martial arts training with additional work at home, but I honestly just didn’t have the willpower to do so.  I don’t actually like exercise.  Especially not for exercise’s sake.  I have stuck with martial arts because in addition to exercise, I also have met friends and am learning a skill.  Both of these are super important.  I started martial arts right after I moved to the area, and I didn’t really know anyone.  I figured a good martial arts school would be a great place to get to know people, and I have made some really important friendships along the way!  And I LOVE learning.  If I could become a professional student, I would.  I like learning new things, and this has kept me committed to my training along the way.

In any case, I saw the addition of this program as the answer to my lack of motivation. And it very much has been.  When I started the program, I was using 5 and 8 lb weights.  When I gained a little confidence, I was using 8 and 10 lb weights.  Now I use 12 and 15 lb weights, and can use 20 lb weighs for certain exercises, such as a deadlift of chest presses.  I have seen an amazing increase in my cardio, and I have gone down a pant size and a half.  None of which is any kind of miracle story, but all are steps in the right direction towards being more healthy.

Now that I am (hopefully) nearing my black belt test (for my martial arts class, NOT my BJJ class), which, if I work hard and am dedicated, might be as soon as April 2015 (pleasepleaseplease) I want to find some way to renew my inital enthusiasm for the program.  I love the people I work out with, and the instructors, I just have to fight really hard to get out of bed at 4:30 am, 5 days a week, to work out.  And if anything, now is when I should be the most dedicated, as my goal is (again, hopefully) almost within sight.  It is definitely one of those cases where when I go I am glad I went, but I don’t realize that until I get there…and 2 or 3 days a week my bed is just so warm and comfy, and I fail to get out of bed on time.  Has anyone out there had to renew their enthusiasm for something?  Any pointers?


Weight, Training, and Other Misc. Stuff

I finished my 1st 10 week challenge with Max Fitness.  I lost 7 pounds.  I’m pretty proud. 😀  Hopefully I can keep it up!  I want to fit into an A2 gi by the end of summer.  I’ve been getting to training (karate and bjj) pretty regularly, in addition to my morning max fitness class.

I had a epiphany the other day–I was trying to figure out why I have managed to stick with the fitness class, when in the past I have been very unsuccessful at staying at fitness classes–I stay at karate and bjj because I feel like I am learning a skill (well, gosh, cause I am) and that keeps my interest.  But then I realized–I have known for some time that I needed to increase my workout to get in better shape for both my karate and bjj.  But I did not have the inner motivation to work out in my house.  My new fitness class gives me that motivation.  And this is the actual epiphany--I am sticking with the fitness class because I know it will increase my ability in my karate and bjj classes–and I have definitely seen an improvement in my strength and cardio since I started my fitness class…positive reinforcement, people!

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

This week felt pretty good training wise, particularly BJJ.  The last couple of weeks I personally have felt a little out of it because I was not at class for so long, and I think everyone was still recovering from the holidays cause attendance was low.  But this week seemed to solve both of these things.  I didn’t feel completely BJJ-lacking, and many of our regular classmates (and some new ones, yay!) were in class.  Next weekend is the end of this “cycle” so we are having a stripe test.  I originally figured I wasn’t going to be ready, but after class on Thursday I feel a little more confident.  I’ll make my final decision after next Thursday’s class…but I’m probably going to go.  I also feel more confident about competing in March…again, I didn’t think I would be up to it, but I now realize I have a whole month to train and get ready..so..why not?

I am happy to report that my scale reports I have lost 4.5 lbs, and I am pretty dang excited about that…I’ve been sticking to my nutrition plan for 4 weeks, and approx a pound a week is a nice average.  yay!  I wish I could stick to my nutrition plan better over the weekend, I probably would see some better results, but I start my Saturdays really early and end them really late, and even when I bring food with me, I end up still being hungry-ish.  Oh well.  I will do the best I can, and make sure to be super on task during the week, and not go crazy over the weekend.

Weekly Training=A- Weekly Nutrition=C+

This week felt great training-wise.  I went to my fitness class Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.  I missed Wed. because of last minute baby sitting (more on that in a bit) and I trained karate on Monday and Thursday, AND got to BJJ on Thursday.  On Tuesday, which is our “arms day” at fitness, I went up to 10 lb and 8 lb free weights from 5 lb and 8 lb freeweights 😀 yay 😀 (lower weight for shoulders)  

**Random side note, why do we have such an odd weight measurement system…and why do we use the abbreviation lb for the word pound?  grr***

Nutrition on the other hand..my very good friend asked me if I could babysit her daughter, Madelyn, who is my “niece by choice”… but it was unexpected, and as a result, didn’t pack my food for the next day (since I usually sleep over their house when I babysit and leave straight from there for work)–also why I missed fitness on Wednesday.

So, Thursday night–Wednesday afternoon I did not eat nutritionally very well, although I tried very hard to eat correct serving sizes….and as I write this I am at my mother’s house, and here there is no eating healthy.  Yummy, yes.  Healthy, no…

But tomorrow is a new day, and a chance to go for A+ for both next week! 😀

Random Ramblings

My scale says I lost 3 pounds.  I am maybe excited.  If next Friday when I weigh myself again, I still have lost 3 pounds, I will officially be excited.  I hope this is a sign that the strict food consumption and exercise is paying off.  But, even if not, I oddly enjoy waking up at 4:30 am to go to a 5 am class every morning M-F.  Who knew?  Although, I look forward to summer, when I can get up, go to class, come home, take a shower and GO BACK TO BED.  😀

I am slowly getting back into the swing of my training, last week I made it to karate twice, although I skipped BJJ–mainly cause I fell asleep after work and didn’t have anything prepared for Friday–not clothes, nor food, so…sadly, BJJ lost out.  Hopefully this week I will make karate on Mon. and Thurs. and BJJ on Thurs.  This is my goal.

My hopefully additional goal for the week is to get the pile of clean clothes that is currently living on my bed folded and put away so I can sleep on my bed…hmmm…I don’t know how lucky I will be with that one…I hate folding clothes!!! LOL!

Welcome Back!

I’m not sure if I am welcoming readers or myself back, but here we are, either way.

The past 6 months or so have been insane in my personal life, and as a result anything (and everything else) ground to a complete halt.  This mainly was due to my finishing my masters degree (in biology, of all things).  My life was consumed with writing a paper and giving a presentation, taking my last grad class, and taking (and passing) my exit exam.  Oh, yea, and I had work, too.  And that insanity finished just in time for the holiday madness.  So, here I am, finally feeling somewhat recovered, and trying to remember what it is like to have extra time.

It finally occurred to me a few days ago that I like to read..I hadn’t read a non-science related paper/article/book in I don’t know when…so now I am devouring books on my Kindle like the written word is going out of style.

I am getting back into the swing of things training wise..since August, I have only been at karate once a week, and BJJ not at all.  The 6 weeks prior to the holiday I started a fitness program being held at our gym, called MAX fitness.  If you are in the NJ area, you can check it out at http://www.10weekfitness.com.  It has both a nutrition and exercise component, and I need both!  I enjoyed it, so I am continuing it into the new year.  And by enjoy, I mean, I am willing to get up at 4:30 am to go to a 5 am class 5 days a week.  One of the best things I like about it is that the exercise program is the format:  MWF cardio; Tues arm strengthening; Thurs leg strengthening.  I need the strengthening desperately, I have little T-rex arms!   

I have been saying for over a year I wanted to do extra workouts beyond my martial arts training, but I just am not motivated to do so on my own.  Exercise/training is definitely a social activity for me, and now that I have learned this, I am more successful then ever in the past.  I hope I will be able to stick with the nutrition program, that is the hardest part for me.  I like food. 😀

Anyway, I hope now that I have time again, that I will be able to devote some more time for blogging, I have missed both writing and reading and commenting on blogs. Well, once I remembered that I used to blog, cause I forgot….LOLS   😀


Not much to report….

Life is busy! Marching Band takes up most of my non-school hours…the two nights I can get to class are like chocolate ice cream (I REALLY like chocolate ice cream) In about 3 weeks I’m stripe testing for my 3rd stripe, assuming I can get out of band practice…which I’m kinda nervous about but can’t really put into words at the moment…I’m sure theres more to come on that subject!

Today has been a lazy day…played on the computer, napped, paid some bills (in between playing on the computer)…I needed it…week was long and rainy, which equals exhausting. I checked my daily food intake on sparkpeople.com to give me a guesstimate if I’m eating a proper ratio of foods…my carbs appear to be a little on the high side according to their mysterious calculations, but it’s much better then it used to be so I’ll take that. I appear to have been successful in adding more protein to my diet (yay yogurt!) so that is also happy news.

anywho…till next time

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