Heaven Help Them – Chapter 1

Gadreel returns from the Empty just as Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack are trying to solve Heaven’s angel shortage. If they can overcome the past, they might just be able to secure Heaven’s future.

Rated T, Gadreel/Dean, Sastiel, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Guilty Dean, Good Person Gadreel, Emotional Baggage, Baby Angels, Mpreg (Only Not The Squicky Kind?), Baby Angels Are Lil Wavelengths So…Spiritual Mpreg, Jack Uses His Nephilim Powers To Help Heaven’s Angel Shortage, Witchcraft, Canon Divergent At 13.22.

Did I mention Lucifer is actually dead and Michael’s actually stuck through the closed portal and Jack gets to keep his grace? ♥

New chapters posted each Tuesday, and this’s looking to be a long fic – 20+ chapters.

Read Heaven Help Them chapter 1 here on AO3!

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