How I got started in BJJ

Since I don’t have much to say about training, as school has been closed for the holiday, I figured I’d talk about how I got started in BJJ.  When I first started at my martial arts school, I had no idea what BJJ was, nor had I ever even heard of it.  Most of the grappling we do in our regular classes is mostly for self defense–get out of a bad position, stun, run.

I firmly feel that my best moment at BJJ occurred before I even knew what it was.  We were drilling where one partner is in the mount position, and working ompa (or however you spell that, feel free to correct me, my spelling is AWFUL), trap a side, and roll into the person’s guard.  I was a lowly white belt, working with some infinitely more knowledgeable orange belt (at least from my perspective at the time lol) who, if I didn’t trap their arm fast enough would snatch it away.  I eventually noticed that when I ompa’d, she would put both hands down, so it occured to me to trick her by purposely going for one side two or three times and then quickly switching and trapping the other side.  SUCCESS!!!

Anywho, some time later, I found myself coming early for my Monday class because the BJJ class was right before it, and watching, but was not couragous enough to step out there.  Last August, several students from my school (whom I am friendly with and very respectful of) went to a tournament, and I went to cheer them on.  Two weeks later, I too was on the mat.

Although there are two other woment who train in my BBJ class, I instantly went online to search out other women who liked to train BJJ, since I felt kind of odd as a women who really liked this BJJ stuff, which is so prodominantly MALE.  This is, of course, how I got sucked into this whole blog thing.  And I guess that’s really why I ended up deciding to start a blog, so there is one more female voice out there–figure there can’t ever be enough 🙂