Spazzy BJJ girl and cool seminar by Tom Callos

One of the new girls at bjj is SPAZZY!!!  Lisa tried to talk to her, but there was no go there…and she got all up in Lisa’s face, which Lisa didn’t take very well (and I think was kinda rude, since Lisa is an adult and the girl is a teenager…)…We were drilling how to start a roll from our knees, and getting into an armbar from there.  Lisa said the girl was throwing her to the ground like they were in a gold metal match…so when it came to sparring, we switched, and I sparred with her…I let her just drain herself of energy pushing and fighting to get out of my guard…lol….she was too strong for me to try to submit, but had absolutely NO technique…so I just let her flail.  I swept her a couple of times, attempted a choke here or there…but it was like trying to choke…well…hmmm…I’ll hafta think about that one…

Lisa and I weren’t going to stay for the seminar (Lisa didn’t want to stay and she drove me, since my car is still at the mechanic…who, after taking it apart and putting it back together again still doesn’t know what’s wrong with it :() but we ended up staying, and it was very cool..mostly self defense, and using stuff around you….we did a cool drill sitting with chairs and how to put the chair between you and your opponent…it was very cool…he’s a super cool guy…for more info on Tom Callos, click here!

anywho, all in all a good night….i miss my car!!! My vice principal lives in the next town over so she’s been giving me a ride to school…although I think if they don’t figure my car out by tommorrow I might give in and rent a car…*sigh* poor car….I miss her….:(