2 years of Max Fitness, Part 2!

My fitness class is divided into 10 week sessions.  At the beginning and end of each session you take a picture.  And apparently pictures are worth a lot of words, so….

I started in November of 2012, although I didn’t take my first picture until my first official 10 week session, from Jan-Apr 2013:

1 Max January-April 2013 Challenge

 My second 10 week session, from Apr-Jun 2013:

2 Max April-June 2013 Challenge

My third 10 week session, from Jun-Aug 2013:

3 Max June-August 2013 Challenge

My fourth 10 week session from Sept-Nov 2013:

4 Max September to November

My fifth 10 week session, from Jan-Apr 2014

5 Max January-April 2014 Challenge

And then…I lost motivation..and although I attended classes sporadically, I never took an after picture for the April-June 2014 challenge….

So anywho….next up, is Session # 6, June-Aug 2014, with a brand new before picture!

6 Max June-August 2014 Challenge

And finally (phew) Session # 7…which just finished last week.  Last week was also my 2 year anniversary, as it were…as I started the program on November 12th.  Yup.  I looked it up.  Crazy?  Yup.

7 Max September-November 2014 Challenge

Anywho…I also believe that there are some things that can’t be seen in a picture..how I feel when I can walk up stairs without being winded…or when I can pick my 4 year old niece up over my head to give her a ride on my shoulders…or when we do planks in karate class and everyone groans and I’m like, yay, I got this!…or the first time I did pushups not on my knees…or the confidence I have gained regarding my body…none of those things show up in the pictures…but they are true just the same.  😀


*already martial arts deprived*

*sigh*  I’m taking a week long class this week for grad credit–its a cool class…field botany and creative writing (well if you like being outdoors) BUT it’s in Maine…which is..well…far far far away from home…9 hours away from home, in fact. *sigh*  So, I already miss it.  I took a picture of my belt to remind me to eat well and exersize while I’m here..I hope it works 🙂  Had my first dinner here, seems pretty good, and they have a nice salad bar…I just have to stay away from the brownies…I had an ittle bittle piece of one and it was like pure FUDGE *yum* so far far away from that I must stay lol  Yoda I am tonight, apparently.  It’s beaUUUUUUUUUUUUtiful up here though…Its nice to get a break from the 90+ temperatures I’ve had at home for all of July.  I’m soooooooo not looking forward to August at this rate.

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m hoping I will sleep well tonight…have to be up EARLY tommorrow…breakfast starts at 7 am…I haven’t woken up before 8 am in a month….and I am hoping to wake up a little earlier then that so I can take a walk…although it’s pretty nice now, I could probably take a walk instead of typing this post on my computer.  In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to do! *grinz*

*hope all you people out there have lots of training stories for me this week so I can get my fix, since I won’t have any classes to go to! :)*


BJJ and nunchuck “seminar” 7/19/10

I wrote the word seminar in quotes because my karate school is hostng a series of seminars over the summer for different types of martial arts.  Monday’s was BJJ and nunchucks…lol but the BJJ seminar is with our usual BJJ instructor (a black belt hired by our school) at our usual BJJ time, with nunchucks after.  Anyway, it was cool and super enjoyable 🙂

First we did some take downs…which I appreciate we almost never do that in class *grr*  The first take down was to circle hands around waist, then lower to hips and basically try to fold them in half so the fall down on their backs.  From there we worked 1. side control, and kimura; and 2. side control, escaping side control to guard, sit-up sweep to mount. (I have to admit something dumb I learned tonight–we always call a kimura a keylock.  I ddn’t know they were the same thing. silly me lol.)  The second take down we did started the same way, hands circling the waist, and  then switching to their back, and kicking the knee to get them down, getting their back, and then rolling over and choking them (right arm around their neck, hook on left bicep, left hand behind their head…what ever that is called). Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was alot of fun 🙂

Nunchucks were taught by one of our sensei’s.  We don’t do a lot of weapon work in our regular karate classes, but it’s in our black belt curriculum so generally I watch the black belts practice with envy pouring out of my ears.  It was fun…I felt like a ninja! woot :)–but pretty sure I didn’t *look* like a ninja….lol and then one of our sempais, who has trained extensively in Japanese Jiu Jitsu (lol I almost wrote Japanese BJJ HAH!) showed us some wrist locks and that was cool…I think it’s amazing how you can smush somebody to the ground just by turning their wrist the right way…but it works…you have two choices–fall down or break your wrist…lol

As a side note, I have been using my upcoming karate belt as a motivator, and it seems to be working (Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but my Sensei put aside a belt for me in the next size down as part of a weight loss program) When we’re doing anything tiring…I just picture that red belt sitting in the basket in the office…and it really helps..gives me an extra ounce of energy to keep going…I always thought those things were dumb when websites and books and stuff tell you to do stuff like that…but it really works…really! honestly! 🙂

Food Diary

So, my Sensei wants me to make a food diary for a week…so today is the first day I’m doing that..and..I think it might actually help–I wrote a note to myself on the front of it: “Be honest!  If you don’t write something down you are cheating yourself” and “Think about how good you will feel when you get compliments on your first day back to school” (I’m a teacher FYI).  And even just from today, I noticed when I thought to myself, “hmm…I think I would like to eat another such-and-such”  I then thought, “Oh, but THEN I have to write down that I ate another such and such in my diary and Sensei is going to yell at me” (not that sensei would really YELL at me *grinz*) and therefore, I didn’t eat the such and such…hmmmmm…Interesting……

Training 7/14/10

Okay, as it isn’t yesterday anymore, I hope I will remember what I did…lol


Basically reviewed combos we’d done previously in the week…jabjab cross..jabcross hook…front kick to side kick…”how to be a gnat”…I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember….Sparred for what seemed to be a LONG TIME…in the evening classes..there are a LOT of people..so we usually take turns…half on the mat for a 2 minute round, then switch.  There were only 4 of us with sparring gear (about 10 total, I’d guess) so lucky us, just 30 sec break in between each round.  It was nice though, for sparring…lots of room, and no crazy spazzy people trying to punch me in the head!

Did some evil cardio that basically amounted to running across the mat, doing 3 burpees, and running to the other side *yuk* some tobata (spelling??) protocols with various lunges and squats (my favorite, jump squat/switch stance touch ground–sarcasm!!!)  and a nice ab workout.  Then we did a total of two minutes in plank…I thought I might die…I was staring at the mat watching as sweat dripped off my nose onto the mat…I HATE that…it’s sooo annoying…but all in all a good class

After my class there is a mini-sam’s class..itty bitty munchkins…so I stayed to help out…They’re sooooo CUTE!!!!  We set up a “bridge” for them to cross using our big kicking pads (maybe they have a name I dunno) cause they are curved so if you put then down right, they have some see-saw action 🙂  When the munchkins got halfway across, Sensei had a foam thingie that he would swipe at them and they had to duck or jump 🙂  There was this one adorable munchkin who was concentrating VERY HARD to keep her balence…even the other munchkins would stop and were enthralled by the suspense of watching her travel the bridge…it was like watching balance beam in gymnastics…when she got to sensei, she would daintily step over his foamy thing…it was sooo cute…If I could get a guarantee to have a kid like her, I might actually want one lol…

After the little sams class, the head Sensei sat me down so we could talk about fitness goals–we talked about loosing weight and eating right, and setting a goal for weight…which I have trouble with…I  hate setting a weight goal like…I’m going to lose ten pounds etc etc…cause if I don’t make it I beat myself up (I’m really good at that)  I also explained that I am more interested in getting my clothes to fit nice and maybe be down one size.  Sooooo, we set my goal that the next belt I receive (which will be red how scary is that?) will be one size smaller than the belt I have now.  I’m all for that.  So I’m telling all of you out there too–since sharing your goals is supposed to help you achieve them 🙂


Evening class on Wednesdays is at our other school, which is in the next town over…not far, maybe 15-20 min from my house (I live around the corner from my primary school)  We worked on kicks on pads…built up this combo, one kick at a time–front leg front kick, back leg front kick, switch front leg front kick, roundhouse kick.  OWWWW…my legs are sooooooree…

Sparring was nice…I like sparring at this school better…the Sensei here very rarely lets us go full out and usually is very specific about what she wants us to work on, which helps prevent the spazzy hit your head people from hitting your head. *grinz* For example…today our rounds were boxing ONLY…no kicks, no head contact.  Nice, smooth…didn’t feel beat up 🙂 yay! LOL at one point though I did accidently throw a front kick to push someone away who was coming in too fast…totally not my fault (imo) cause we’ve been talking all week about using a front kick to get someone away to give you a second to get your hands up when you are tired or won’t be able to defend in time 🙂

Phew…I wrote a lot…my fingers are tired *grinz*