another day, another wedding invite…(and more important, excellent training day)

yup. got another wedding invite in the mail….although, this couple has been dating since high school, so its kinda more like “well it’s about time” then feeling particularly out of sorts about it, but still…thats the third wedding this year…grrrrrr

ANYWHO, on much more interesting topics, training today….

Only able to make it to morning class…but we worked HARD….when you start out class jogging, and then doing intermittent sprints and high knees and pushups and butt kicks (and did I mention the sprints?) you know you are in for a killer class!

We’re in kickboxing this week. drill was: jabjab, cross, hook, cross, duck, hook, cross, switch roundkick. (we built it up, started with just jabjab cross and added as we went along). The positive thing about morning classes is there is less of us, so it is more likely that I will learn something I’m doing wrong. The negative side about morning classes is there is less of us, so it is more likely I will be caught if I’m slacking (ok, so that’s not really a negative!) Either way, I learned that somewhere along the line I picked up some bad hook technique. Instead of holding my arm still in that “L” position and shrugging my shoulder and twisting my body to throw the hook, I was letting my elbow sink in towards my body and wasn’t twisting enough. As soon as Paul (the sempai who was teaching class) showed me what I was doing, I was like, “well, DUH!” but it had become a habit and I hadn’t noticed my technique had diminished (scarey).

We didn’t spar today (woot!), but instead did some killer cardio. I no longer remember the first exersize we did (maybe we didn’t do one and thats why I don’t remember it?). The second exersize was FUN!

It was taken from Cris Cyborg’s workout, which was recently posted by Women Representing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Facebook. Check it out here (couldn’t figure out how to inbed the youtube :()

Dive under your partner’s legs, turn around, they bend over and you leapfrog over top of them….wheeeeee….then we did evil relays…we set up in three groups, Team 1 and 3 on one side of the mat, and Team 2 on the other. Team 1 runs to the other side and does 2 burpees…when Team one gets to the opposite wall, then Team 2 runs, and etc etc…back and forth for 3 minutes…Pure torture (yay!). THEN we did tobata (spelling?) protacals<-I KNOW that’s spelled wrong…bumper pushups…situps…jumping squats….

And then, the best part–we STRETCH!!!! yaaaaaaaaay!

I remember, when I first started, I would be DEAD after a class like that…wheezing, coughing, energy completely depleated. Today, I worked hard, I sweated a lot, my muscles were BURNING like crazy, but at the end of class, I picked myself up with lots of energy to help teach the mini sams (4&5 year olds) class…and then went on my day, which didnt end until I walked in my house at 10 pm tonight. I’m so proud of myself for that. I have a long way to go, but I have to keep in mind that I have come a long way as well. 🙂