I feel like i haven’t written in so long…mainly cause my dojo recently started an “online dojo” so I’ve been helping getting people talking and discussing stuff on the online forums there…so I figured I’ll just repost the post I just posted there 🙂 (hmm…how many times can you get the word “post” into one sentance?

Osu everyone!

BJJ (or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Grappling) is often classified as a “male dominated sport”, but there’s lots of females who enjoy it immensely (myself included). I’ve been very excited to see our BJJ class here at Satori grow and see more females join in for the fun!

From talking with other females, one of the biggest turn-offs to BJJ for girls is the close proximity. Can’t blame you! But if you can get past that, BJJ is lots of fun, especially if you are a fan of strategy games *grinz*. Additionally, not enough can be said about being able to defend yourself from the ground.

It is really intimidating to try something new, especially when you are stepping onto a mat filled with males. I was incredibly nervous the first time I went to a BJJ class–and felt dumb about it–I knew the facility, I knew the people–I think it was harder for me to start doing BJJ then it was for me to walk into the dojo for the very first time–explain that one to me!

In any case, after my first class, I was addicted, and promptly went searching online for other females who enjoyed BJJ as much as I did (I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one!), and what I found was an amazing online community of female BJJ bloggers who had lots of great advice.

My goal for this post is to share some of the BJJ blogs I read on a regular basis–check them out–and I encourage ANYONE to come out and try our BJJ class–you won’t regret it! 🙂

In no particular order:

Fueled by Fear

Georgette’s Jiu Jitsu World

You Want Me To Put My Head Where?

BJJ Grrl

In addition, I just treated myself to a gift from B&N–Jiu Jitsu University, by Saulo Ribeiro. It was suggested to me by one of blog-friends, and since then I have been distracted from the 100’s of other things I SHOULD be doing! It has step by step pictures, instructions, a brief history of the sport, and is just filled with information. Of course, no book can take the place of class, but it is an amazing reference piece. Of course, it came with a hefty $40.00 price tag, but I think it was worth it.

Ciao! Hope to see everyone on the mat!




I had an epiphany today–I was finishing a scrapbook for my best friend, Mandi, who just gave birth to a super cute girl (who I got to see today, but more of that later!) So I started the scrapbook with the following pages: “first comes love” , “then comes marrage”, and “then comes baby in the baby carrage! with pics of Mandi and Brandt when they were dating and from their wedding. Then I did a bunch of pics from her baby shower, and a mom page and a dad page, and a baby page. Then on the last page, I wrote a note to Madelyn–and I wrote that I had written the story so far, the rest of the book was empty because it was hers to fill:

“This is the most important story you will ever write–the story of your life”.

I’ve never thought of my own life like that…and I think I should. The idea that I have control over where I go, what I do, and what I achieve…that is in my hands, not someone elses–What happens in my life, yea sure, there is some which is chance, that’s life–but a lot of it, more then I really think of on a daily basis, is in my control, and what I do with the stuff that chance throws at me changes me and helps me grow–as a person, as an adult, as a teacher, and as a martial artist. It is up to me to control my attitude and “write the best story” I possibly can.


This post actually started out as a response to Valerie’s most recent post on motivation

I am actually amazed at my motivation to remain with martial arts…any other type of regimin I’ve attempted I have lost my steam with.  I think that this has been successful where other attempts have not has been because of the social network that is provided by a dojo, no matter what you study.  When I am not in class for a few days, when I come back, people ask “where have you been” or “how is everything, we haven’t seen you”.  That’s important to me cause I’m not the most social butterfly on the map. 

It seems to me, that the only way you get that at a place like the gym is if you are very outgoing –you have to make a serious effort to be social at the gym.   As previously mentioned, i am far, far away from the social butterfly.  I went to the gym for a year or so, and I never got the feeling that ANYONE really recognised me (as an individual–they always greeted me and were nice and stuff) or would notice if I wouldn’t come to work out.

 On the other hand, I KNOW that if I were to drop off the radar, I would be bombarded with text messages and phone calls asking where I am…and I feel relatively confident that if they thought my answer was bull, one of my friends would find their way to my house and drag me there *grinz*

I also think part of it has to be you have to be ready to stick to a workout plan and find what works for you.  This definitely works for me.  We do something different each time I go, and class is seperated into different sections, so I don’t get bored with doing one exersize for too long…but at the same time, those sections are regimented so there is a routine to class.  I also feel like I get a well rounded workout (that is, ALL of my muscles feel like rubber, not just, say my legs), at least most of the time!  Additionally, I am LEARNING something.  This is SO important towards my motiviation…I am a learner…I like learning…I like the feeling that I am increasing my knowledge about (insert topic here).  A run of the mill aerobics class just doesn’t do that for me.

Valerie’s post mentions people who seem to poof, disappear….and I’ve noticed that as well…and when people disappear, stop coming, I feel sad…..maybe they made too many excuses and we weren’t there to drag them to class…maybe no one said “hi” or made them feel welcome…maybe life got too hectic….maybe they moved…maybe it just wasn’t for them.  I’m sure some people try martial arts and don’t like it.  I can’t imagine it…but maybe they feel as motivated to go to their martial arts class as I do to go to the gym (that is, not at all)

Motivation is a rough thing.  If you aren’t really ready to make changes to achieve your goals, or you don’t have concrete, obtainable goals, it will be hard to focus enough to keep your motivation going strong.  To me, the goal of “I want to loose weight” isn’t very concrete.  You can’t really “feel” loosing a pound, it’s hard to notice a difference in your weight, and your weight flip flops a lot (so annoying!) Dev has a great post on this, and exersize tips, here.

Wow, I should be a blog advertiser! lol

yay i’m back!

woot!  home from Maine 🙂  Looking forward to hitting stuff *lol*  Had an amazing time–Bar Harbor is BEAUTIFUL…and it was 10 degrees cooler then NJ lol slept with the windows open and a blankie for warmth loved it!  I’ll post some pictures when my camera gets itself unpacked 🙂  Today is a wonderful karate filled day…10 am morning class, 6:45 BJJ class, 8 pm karate class yaaaaaaaay can’t wait!!!

*already martial arts deprived*

*sigh*  I’m taking a week long class this week for grad credit–its a cool class…field botany and creative writing (well if you like being outdoors) BUT it’s in Maine…which is..well…far far far away from home…9 hours away from home, in fact. *sigh*  So, I already miss it.  I took a picture of my belt to remind me to eat well and exersize while I’m here..I hope it works 🙂  Had my first dinner here, seems pretty good, and they have a nice salad bar…I just have to stay away from the brownies…I had an ittle bittle piece of one and it was like pure FUDGE *yum* so far far away from that I must stay lol  Yoda I am tonight, apparently.  It’s beaUUUUUUUUUUUUtiful up here though…Its nice to get a break from the 90+ temperatures I’ve had at home for all of July.  I’m soooooooo not looking forward to August at this rate.

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m hoping I will sleep well tonight…have to be up EARLY tommorrow…breakfast starts at 7 am…I haven’t woken up before 8 am in a month….and I am hoping to wake up a little earlier then that so I can take a walk…although it’s pretty nice now, I could probably take a walk instead of typing this post on my computer.  In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to do! *grinz*

*hope all you people out there have lots of training stories for me this week so I can get my fix, since I won’t have any classes to go to! :)*


BJJ and nunchuck “seminar” 7/19/10

I wrote the word seminar in quotes because my karate school is hostng a series of seminars over the summer for different types of martial arts.  Monday’s was BJJ and nunchucks…lol but the BJJ seminar is with our usual BJJ instructor (a black belt hired by our school) at our usual BJJ time, with nunchucks after.  Anyway, it was cool and super enjoyable 🙂

First we did some take downs…which I appreciate we almost never do that in class *grr*  The first take down was to circle hands around waist, then lower to hips and basically try to fold them in half so the fall down on their backs.  From there we worked 1. side control, and kimura; and 2. side control, escaping side control to guard, sit-up sweep to mount. (I have to admit something dumb I learned tonight–we always call a kimura a keylock.  I ddn’t know they were the same thing. silly me lol.)  The second take down we did started the same way, hands circling the waist, and  then switching to their back, and kicking the knee to get them down, getting their back, and then rolling over and choking them (right arm around their neck, hook on left bicep, left hand behind their head…what ever that is called). Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was alot of fun 🙂

Nunchucks were taught by one of our sensei’s.  We don’t do a lot of weapon work in our regular karate classes, but it’s in our black belt curriculum so generally I watch the black belts practice with envy pouring out of my ears.  It was fun…I felt like a ninja! woot :)–but pretty sure I didn’t *look* like a ninja….lol and then one of our sempais, who has trained extensively in Japanese Jiu Jitsu (lol I almost wrote Japanese BJJ HAH!) showed us some wrist locks and that was cool…I think it’s amazing how you can smush somebody to the ground just by turning their wrist the right way…but it works…you have two choices–fall down or break your wrist…lol

As a side note, I have been using my upcoming karate belt as a motivator, and it seems to be working (Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but my Sensei put aside a belt for me in the next size down as part of a weight loss program) When we’re doing anything tiring…I just picture that red belt sitting in the basket in the office…and it really me an extra ounce of energy to keep going…I always thought those things were dumb when websites and books and stuff tell you to do stuff like that…but it really works…really! honestly! 🙂

OMG it’s HOT!

YUK….over 100 degrees here + humidity = hibernation!!!  I only left my house to train today and even that was crazy! (I have off in the summer, because I’m a teacher–and although I usually work at a summer camp, I’m not this year because enrollment was down so…well…I go to train instead 🙂 *grinz* what a shame….lol

Morning classes tend to be more cardio, which is fine for me, I need that just as much as anything else.  This morning was a little frustrating though because my partner was not very enthusiastic…dude, you got up, you walked out of your house into the heat, got in the car, drove to class…you’re there, you might as well put everything into it, right?  I have trouble understanding that.  There are DEFINITELY times where I don’t WANT to come to class…there are days where I have to pep talk myself out the door.  But once I’m at class?  Definitely at least once I’ve gotten thru warm ups, I’m THERE 110%.  It was kinda annoying, but whatever, I enjoyed class anyway 🙂

This evening held two classes 🙂 One our regular training class, and then no-gi/mma afterwards.  It was SO HOT.  The air was on, I KNOW it was…but it felt like it couldn’t keep up with our poor overheated bodies AND the 100+ degree weather.  Poor air conditioner 🙂 

We basically split the month into two sections, the first two weeks are traditional karate and grappling, and the second two weeks are kickboxing.  This week is grappling *yay!*  (I will moan and groan on kickboxing weeks, apologizing ahead of time to the invisible masses).  To my great pleasure, the intermediate and advanced belts are starting to do live rolls on grappling days and that is super cool in my world 🙂

The mma/no-gi class is still pretty small…my school only just started it a bit ago.  Fine by me 🙂  I’ve only been going for a couple of weeks, and since I’ve been doing gi a lot longer (relatively speaking) I find I feel extra dumb at the no-gi class.  Case in point:  Tonight’s drill:  Triangle.  I know how to do a triangle, and I’m starting to do them well (during drills and warmups) in gi..but even after it was demonstrated no-gi…I felt totally retarded…I had a hard time getting my legs into position and getting their arm in the right position…its frustrating cause it’s familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

My partner only does the regular classes and the no-gi class, but she hasn’t been doing the no-gi very long either.  She didn’t help my retardness any cause she was like, “well you know how to do a triangle right?” and I’m like, well yea sortof…*sigh*

Anywho, enjoyed it anyways, and now i’m back to hibernating in my house for another day…