I need new shin guards!

So, onced upon a time, when I first started training, I had to buy gear. Not really knowing that some two years or so down the road I would actually still be training, I bought the minimal (cheap) gear, and my shinnies are just…well they are dying. The strappies that hold them to your feet are falling off. Sometime before the summer I actually got a needle and thread (from my mother, cause I sure didn’t own any!) and sewed? sowed? whatever! the straps back on (as a side note, sew is a very odd verb!). And now, they are coming back off again…so….

I need new shin guards. (duh)

Any suggestions?



So, today, and for the next three days, I have a professional development in Hoboken, which is…oh, 45 minutes or so from my house during the day. I haven’t gotten up early all summer, so today was exhausting….it wasn’t really an exhausting type of thing, it just was me not being used to being up and around from 6 am. ANYWHO, I got home exhausted around 4, and decided, oh I’ll just lay down and take a nap for a bit, cause I don’t have karate until 7.

OOPS…woke up AT 7 on the dot, confused as hell. First I saw the time and thought I was late for my professional development (thinking it was morning) and then realized, no, it’s still the evening *CRAP* karate…rush around, get changed barge out the door–and get caught talking to my neighbor, who I see like once every 3 months…our schedules just don’t coinside…we aren’t ever leaving or coming home at the same time.

Anywho, it was nice to get caught talking to her, because she told me I looked really good and that I had lost weight (yaaaay) so that made me feel good 🙂

Finish talking to her, and then I zoom to class…gosh it’s a good thing I live around the corner from the dojo…

Sensei Tori from our East Brunswick school was there (for whatever reason) YAY! I like when she does kickboxing! woot! We did more practicing fake outs…I think I like faking a jab and then throwing a jab, and the kick low a lot (and advertise it) and out of nowhere jab. Some light sparring, nothing heavy.

For our end of class workout, she played a game with us. She split us into two groups and she had a stack of cards. She showed a card to the first person in the group, and you could either take it or pass. The number on the card was how many of whatever exersize your group had to do (pushups, mountain climbers, situps, or squats). The goal was to have the higher score at the end..so if she showed you a 3, you could say pass, and you’d get the next card, hopefully a 7 or something.

so, i know that doesn’t make any sense, so here’s an example…
Team 1 is shown a 3. 1st person on that team says “pass” she shows a 7 and puts it in team 1’s pile. Team 1 does 7 pushups.
Team 2 is shown a 10. 1st person on team 2 accepts, team 2 does 10 pushups. Card is put in pile

Back to team 1: 2nd person shown a 6, they “pass”, and are shown a 3. Team 1 does 3 mountain climbers
Team 2: 2nd person shown a 6, they accept, Team 2 does 6 mountain climbers

Team1: 3rd person shown a 5, they accept, team 1 does 5 situps
Team 2: 3rd person shown a 2, they “pass”, and are shown an 8, team 2 does 8 situps

Team 1: 4th person shown a 6, they accept, team 1 does 6 squats
Team 2: 4th person shown a 4, they pass, are shown a 10, and do 10 squats

Then you would start over again from pushups

At the end, you add up each team’s total:
Team 1: 7+3+5+6=21
Team 2: 10+6+8+10=34

YAY! Team 2 won!

Subtract the difference between the two numbers (13 in this case)
Team 1 does 13 pushups, 13, mountain climbers, 13 situps, 13 squats. Team 2 holds a straddle split.

yay! I’m going to guess she probably does this a lot with the juniors–“disguise repetition” and “make it a game”

Note to self! 🙂
Okay going to bed now, cause I have to get up again tommorrow!

another day, another wedding invite…(and more important, excellent training day)

yup. got another wedding invite in the mail….although, this couple has been dating since high school, so its kinda more like “well it’s about time” then feeling particularly out of sorts about it, but still…thats the third wedding this year…grrrrrr

ANYWHO, on much more interesting topics, training today….

Only able to make it to morning class…but we worked HARD….when you start out class jogging, and then doing intermittent sprints and high knees and pushups and butt kicks (and did I mention the sprints?) you know you are in for a killer class!

We’re in kickboxing this week. drill was: jabjab, cross, hook, cross, duck, hook, cross, switch roundkick. (we built it up, started with just jabjab cross and added as we went along). The positive thing about morning classes is there is less of us, so it is more likely that I will learn something I’m doing wrong. The negative side about morning classes is there is less of us, so it is more likely I will be caught if I’m slacking (ok, so that’s not really a negative!) Either way, I learned that somewhere along the line I picked up some bad hook technique. Instead of holding my arm still in that “L” position and shrugging my shoulder and twisting my body to throw the hook, I was letting my elbow sink in towards my body and wasn’t twisting enough. As soon as Paul (the sempai who was teaching class) showed me what I was doing, I was like, “well, DUH!” but it had become a habit and I hadn’t noticed my technique had diminished (scarey).

We didn’t spar today (woot!), but instead did some killer cardio. I no longer remember the first exersize we did (maybe we didn’t do one and thats why I don’t remember it?). The second exersize was FUN!

It was taken from Cris Cyborg’s workout, which was recently posted by Women Representing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Facebook. Check it out here (couldn’t figure out how to inbed the youtube :()

Dive under your partner’s legs, turn around, they bend over and you leapfrog over top of them….wheeeeee….then we did evil relays…we set up in three groups, Team 1 and 3 on one side of the mat, and Team 2 on the other. Team 1 runs to the other side and does 2 burpees…when Team one gets to the opposite wall, then Team 2 runs, and etc etc…back and forth for 3 minutes…Pure torture (yay!). THEN we did tobata (spelling?) protacals<-I KNOW that’s spelled wrong…bumper pushups…situps…jumping squats….

And then, the best part–we STRETCH!!!! yaaaaaaaaay!

I remember, when I first started, I would be DEAD after a class like that…wheezing, coughing, energy completely depleated. Today, I worked hard, I sweated a lot, my muscles were BURNING like crazy, but at the end of class, I picked myself up with lots of energy to help teach the mini sams (4&5 year olds) class…and then went on my day, which didnt end until I walked in my house at 10 pm tonight. I’m so proud of myself for that. I have a long way to go, but I have to keep in mind that I have come a long way as well. 🙂

Oh, new tricks :)

This is a kickboxing week, although I’m not following my usual crazy workout schedule because my second job has kicked in so I’m not available in the evenings this week (sad day, no bjj) ANYWHO, today we worked on “tricks” to fake out your opponent.  We worked a couple of examples including:  Double jab, Faking a jab by throwing your shoulder forward, which causes your opnd ponent to block, and as they go to block actually throw the real jab…Purposely looking down when you do low kicks, and then look down and either throw a high kick or a punch…and the last one we worked was “superman” where you throw front kicks, and then you bring your knee up like you are going to throw a front kick, but instead you kick behind you and throw a punch at the same time. (whatever leg kicks, that arm punches).  I like stuff like this.  I’m not a heavy wham bam hit you person, but I can almost enjoy kickboxing when I can incorporate these sneaky types of moves–I feel much more successful during sparring when if I can manage to trick my partner even just once…yay! lol 🙂  For more sneaky trick stuff, see here <–yay I successfully embedded a link, go me!

OK time for bed, cause I’m doing dry runs of my school routine this week, since I’m out of the house all day (I’m working on packing food for the whole day, cause I don’t get home until 10 pm on days I have my second job)…that means wake up at 5:30 am…and it’s now 11:10 pm…those two hours are much too close together for my liking!

Training 7/22/10

I really wanted to title my post “I have a new bruise!” but I was afraid some well meaning person would try to save me 🙂

But I really do have a new bruise, and it is proof of my yukky sparring during kickboxing…lol it’s from a front kick…it’s on my belly…I can HONESTLY say I’ve never had a bruise THERE before…lol…I guess I should probably invest in a chest protector…

Training 7/14/10

Okay, as it isn’t yesterday anymore, I hope I will remember what I did…lol


Basically reviewed combos we’d done previously in the week…jabjab cross..jabcross hook…front kick to side kick…”how to be a gnat”…I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember….Sparred for what seemed to be a LONG TIME…in the evening classes..there are a LOT of people..so we usually take turns…half on the mat for a 2 minute round, then switch.  There were only 4 of us with sparring gear (about 10 total, I’d guess) so lucky us, just 30 sec break in between each round.  It was nice though, for sparring…lots of room, and no crazy spazzy people trying to punch me in the head!

Did some evil cardio that basically amounted to running across the mat, doing 3 burpees, and running to the other side *yuk* some tobata (spelling??) protocols with various lunges and squats (my favorite, jump squat/switch stance touch ground–sarcasm!!!)  and a nice ab workout.  Then we did a total of two minutes in plank…I thought I might die…I was staring at the mat watching as sweat dripped off my nose onto the mat…I HATE that…it’s sooo annoying…but all in all a good class

After my class there is a mini-sam’s class..itty bitty munchkins…so I stayed to help out…They’re sooooo CUTE!!!!  We set up a “bridge” for them to cross using our big kicking pads (maybe they have a name I dunno) cause they are curved so if you put then down right, they have some see-saw action 🙂  When the munchkins got halfway across, Sensei had a foam thingie that he would swipe at them and they had to duck or jump 🙂  There was this one adorable munchkin who was concentrating VERY HARD to keep her balence…even the other munchkins would stop and were enthralled by the suspense of watching her travel the bridge…it was like watching balance beam in gymnastics…when she got to sensei, she would daintily step over his foamy thing…it was sooo cute…If I could get a guarantee to have a kid like her, I might actually want one lol…

After the little sams class, the head Sensei sat me down so we could talk about fitness goals–we talked about loosing weight and eating right, and setting a goal for weight…which I have trouble with…I  hate setting a weight goal like…I’m going to lose ten pounds etc etc…cause if I don’t make it I beat myself up (I’m really good at that)  I also explained that I am more interested in getting my clothes to fit nice and maybe be down one size.  Sooooo, we set my goal that the next belt I receive (which will be red how scary is that?) will be one size smaller than the belt I have now.  I’m all for that.  So I’m telling all of you out there too–since sharing your goals is supposed to help you achieve them 🙂


Evening class on Wednesdays is at our other school, which is in the next town over…not far, maybe 15-20 min from my house (I live around the corner from my primary school)  We worked on kicks on pads…built up this combo, one kick at a time–front leg front kick, back leg front kick, switch front leg front kick, roundhouse kick.  OWWWW…my legs are sooooooree…

Sparring was nice…I like sparring at this school better…the Sensei here very rarely lets us go full out and usually is very specific about what she wants us to work on, which helps prevent the spazzy hit your head people from hitting your head. *grinz* For example…today our rounds were boxing ONLY…no kicks, no head contact.  Nice, smooth…didn’t feel beat up 🙂 yay! LOL at one point though I did accidently throw a front kick to push someone away who was coming in too fast…totally not my fault (imo) cause we’ve been talking all week about using a front kick to get someone away to give you a second to get your hands up when you are tired or won’t be able to defend in time 🙂

Phew…I wrote a lot…my fingers are tired *grinz*


*does happy dance*

3 classes today–karate in the morning, karate in the evening, and no-gi/mma after evening karate

Morning karate was good…I successfully used the *low kick to the shin/be a gnat* to my advantage during sparring (yay!)

Evening karate was AMAZING! woot! yay! happy days…I got my blue belt…FINALLY…I’ve been waiting, like, FOREVER!!! I’m so excited 🙂 yaaay…I was like fighting tears, so proud of myself I am (yoda I am?) woot!

no-gi we worked on keylock/kimora from side mount and an armbar if the person defends..

Did I mention I got my blue belt in karate tonight?  *happy dance* woooooot!!!!!!!!!


Dude I’m SORE!!! owchies!!!–and I have new respect for the inchworm…catepillars are a pain!!!!!!!!!! lol