2 years of Max Fitness, Part 2!

My fitness class is divided into 10 week sessions.  At the beginning and end of each session you take a picture.  And apparently pictures are worth a lot of words, so….

I started in November of 2012, although I didn’t take my first picture until my first official 10 week session, from Jan-Apr 2013:

1 Max January-April 2013 Challenge

 My second 10 week session, from Apr-Jun 2013:

2 Max April-June 2013 Challenge

My third 10 week session, from Jun-Aug 2013:

3 Max June-August 2013 Challenge

My fourth 10 week session from Sept-Nov 2013:

4 Max September to November

My fifth 10 week session, from Jan-Apr 2014

5 Max January-April 2014 Challenge

And then…I lost motivation..and although I attended classes sporadically, I never took an after picture for the April-June 2014 challenge….

So anywho….next up, is Session # 6, June-Aug 2014, with a brand new before picture!

6 Max June-August 2014 Challenge

And finally (phew) Session # 7…which just finished last week.  Last week was also my 2 year anniversary, as it were…as I started the program on November 12th.  Yup.  I looked it up.  Crazy?  Yup.

7 Max September-November 2014 Challenge

Anywho…I also believe that there are some things that can’t be seen in a picture..how I feel when I can walk up stairs without being winded…or when I can pick my 4 year old niece up over my head to give her a ride on my shoulders…or when we do planks in karate class and everyone groans and I’m like, yay, I got this!…or the first time I did pushups not on my knees…or the confidence I have gained regarding my body…none of those things show up in the pictures…but they are true just the same.  😀


I had an energy epiphany!

I recently noticed the number on my scale increasing instead of remaining stable/decreasing. YES I KNOW, WEIGHT IS NOT AN ACCURATE MEASUREMENT.

However, I noticed a consistant increase, which concerned me.

So, I took a look at what I was doing. One thing I noticed was that since the evil time change, I haven’t been sleeping very well. I’ve been waking up exhausted in the morning, barely getting through my work day, coming home, napping, dragging myself to karate, showering, and going to bed. Repeat.

It occured to me, that beyond the evil time change, the other thing that changed about the same time is my marching band ended, which meant I come HOME right after school. Prior to the time change this did not occur. There was no NAP!

At the same time, I read an email of exersise tips sent to me by Sparkpeople, and it mentioned a good way to get by mid afternoon blahs is to do some exersise instead.


I swear the difference was IMMEDIATE! On Tuesday of this week, when I got home from work, I dropped my school stuff and immediately got changed into work out clothes and spent a half hour doing stuff on my wii fit, and took a shower afterwards.

AUTOMATIC RESET BUTTON! That evening, I went to Target, the grocery store, and a choral concert held at the hs I work at. Not tired at all.

Go to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. next morning wake up: Bright Eyed and Bushytailed–Well, as much as I can be in the morning *grinz*. Had energy all day, came home, and repeated the “home” procedure of the day before. Yet another successful day.

I am so excited to have noticed and been able to correct what was wrong. I know that even last year, I wouldn’t have been able to fix what was wrong and would have continued to try to take a nap after school, being “tired.”

I was thrown off because I wasn’t having trouble getting to sleep, I just wasn’t sleeping WELL. I’m still sleeping the same amount, but the QUALITY of sleep has changed. Now I am waking up feeling much more rested and reset to start my day.


Apology to my body–and goal reminder

Dear Body,

I’m sorry.  I haven’t been treating you very well lately.  I’ve been running all over the place, trying to have 16 hour days with only 5 hours of sleep.  I can’t really blame you for rebelling!  And then to top it all off, this week I forgot to go grocery shopping so I have been eating gross school food for lunch.  I’m sorry–but I thought it was better then starving you!

I PROMISE that this weekend I will set aside some time inbetween band and my bjj stripe test to do the following:  1.  RELAX, 2. GO GROCERY SHOPPING, and 3.  Do some minor cleaning so you don’t have to live in a pig sty.

I am reminding myself of my goal–my next karate belt is one size smaller then my current belt.  It’s all set aside for me and waiting.  When I go to karate on Saturday we are going to go visit it.  But until then, this picture will have to do:

This is my next karate belt, one size smaller then the one I'm wearing now!

Thank you body for being patient with me.  I realize the error of my ways and am taking steps to correct them so we can get along better and achieve our goals.



100 random things (well, not quite)

1. I like labor day weekend cause all the radio stations do nothing but play countdowns of good music 🙂

2. I am proud of myself for going to bjj tonight (cause I went to one of the other gyms my instructor teaches at, and I’ve never been there before!)

3. I am proud cause after class I wanted a treat, and I successfully made a choice to have frozen yogurt with half the calories of the ice cream concoction I would have normally chose (and I enjoyed it even more, knowing I made a good choice!

4. This week has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stressful…but it’s all okay now cause the stress has been wicked away by my gi (which is soaked with sweat lol)

5. 3 weeks until I compete 🙂 http://www.njbjjf.com yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

6. I learned this week that “non-toxic” really means “we’re sure you won’t die in the next two weeks, but what will happen to you 10 years down the line, we don’t know”

7. I learned that my school’s guidence department doesn’t know how to schedule lab science classes, since we (the science teachers) spent today fixing the lab schedule INSTEAD OF getting our classrooms ready, so now I have to go in EXTRA EARLY on Tuesday morning to set up my class *sigh*

8. Three days in a school with no air conditioning when the temps are 90+ and 100% humidity (thanks, Earl) is really tiring and stressful.

9. I keep reminding myself that the reason why I teach marching band (which is also VERY STRESSFUL right now) is so I can continue my karate and bjj obsessions. It’s basically been my mantra through 4 days of intense rehersals and numerous phone calls to people about uniforms and flags.

10. What is with people who dont read an entire email? I told one of the band vendors THREE times that he had the numbers for one of the items we were ordering wrong, and HE STILL HASN’T FIXED IT!! and MEANWHILE, my band director is bugging for the invoce so he can pay them (cause paying from a school account is a pain in the butt) *sigh*

11. Today in class we started from open guard. Put our hands under their legs, and flipped them over so they turtled up (making sure to keep our hips down to push them over, as I got told a bunch of times). Then we snuck one hand under their head to their opposite collar, and the other hand went under an arm and the head to the opposite collor. Then you walked around, pulling across with hand one, and down with hand two. TAP! I really was excited there was another girl there. It is just wonderful to roll with someone else cause they have different ways of doing things, and when you roll with the same person all the time you start to be able to predict their moves very easily. So I think it is good that I will be going to this class for the weeks leading up to the tourney so I will get some more experience with a different person.

12. I have a bjj goal: Timing for getting out of ikky positions, like side control and mount, where I seem to live a lot (boo). Today while we were rolling, my partner…Peg I think (ick i’m so bad with names!) was in mount, and I heard my instructor telling another group to umpa, and I umpa’d and she wasn’t expecting it so over she went. My timing was excellent by accident. Now I hafta figure out how to do that on purpose. *sigh*

13. Looking forward to the long weekend so I can catch up on the blogs I haven’t read, clean my house, which looks like a bomb hit it, visit my best friend Mandi and her brand new little baby girl madelyn who is sooooo adorable and was born on Monday 🙂 (lol I sound like she bought a new car) I didn’t want to leave the hospital on Tuesday when I went to visit, and Mandi was like “you know, Regina, she IS going to be around for a while” It was funny. I guess you had to be there. Hmmm…I wonder if I wrote that in my last post? oops if I did I don’t really feel like checking right now! *grinz*

Yea. I think that’s it. “phew”


I had an epiphany today–I was finishing a scrapbook for my best friend, Mandi, who just gave birth to a super cute girl (who I got to see today, but more of that later!) So I started the scrapbook with the following pages: “first comes love” , “then comes marrage”, and “then comes baby in the baby carrage! with pics of Mandi and Brandt when they were dating and from their wedding. Then I did a bunch of pics from her baby shower, and a mom page and a dad page, and a baby page. Then on the last page, I wrote a note to Madelyn–and I wrote that I had written the story so far, the rest of the book was empty because it was hers to fill:

“This is the most important story you will ever write–the story of your life”.

I’ve never thought of my own life like that…and I think I should. The idea that I have control over where I go, what I do, and what I achieve…that is in my hands, not someone elses–What happens in my life, yea sure, there is some which is chance, that’s life–but a lot of it, more then I really think of on a daily basis, is in my control, and what I do with the stuff that chance throws at me changes me and helps me grow–as a person, as an adult, as a teacher, and as a martial artist. It is up to me to control my attitude and “write the best story” I possibly can.

*already martial arts deprived*

*sigh*  I’m taking a week long class this week for grad credit–its a cool class…field botany and creative writing (well if you like being outdoors) BUT it’s in Maine…which is..well…far far far away from home…9 hours away from home, in fact. *sigh*  So, I already miss it.  I took a picture of my belt to remind me to eat well and exersize while I’m here..I hope it works 🙂  Had my first dinner here, seems pretty good, and they have a nice salad bar…I just have to stay away from the brownies…I had an ittle bittle piece of one and it was like pure FUDGE *yum* so far far away from that I must stay lol  Yoda I am tonight, apparently.  It’s beaUUUUUUUUUUUUtiful up here though…Its nice to get a break from the 90+ temperatures I’ve had at home for all of July.  I’m soooooooo not looking forward to August at this rate.

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m hoping I will sleep well tonight…have to be up EARLY tommorrow…breakfast starts at 7 am…I haven’t woken up before 8 am in a month….and I am hoping to wake up a little earlier then that so I can take a walk…although it’s pretty nice now, I could probably take a walk instead of typing this post on my computer.  In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to do! *grinz*

*hope all you people out there have lots of training stories for me this week so I can get my fix, since I won’t have any classes to go to! :)*


BJJ and nunchuck “seminar” 7/19/10

I wrote the word seminar in quotes because my karate school is hostng a series of seminars over the summer for different types of martial arts.  Monday’s was BJJ and nunchucks…lol but the BJJ seminar is with our usual BJJ instructor (a black belt hired by our school) at our usual BJJ time, with nunchucks after.  Anyway, it was cool and super enjoyable 🙂

First we did some take downs…which I appreciate we almost never do that in class *grr*  The first take down was to circle hands around waist, then lower to hips and basically try to fold them in half so the fall down on their backs.  From there we worked 1. side control, and kimura; and 2. side control, escaping side control to guard, sit-up sweep to mount. (I have to admit something dumb I learned tonight–we always call a kimura a keylock.  I ddn’t know they were the same thing. silly me lol.)  The second take down we did started the same way, hands circling the waist, and  then switching to their back, and kicking the knee to get them down, getting their back, and then rolling over and choking them (right arm around their neck, hook on left bicep, left hand behind their head…what ever that is called). Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was alot of fun 🙂

Nunchucks were taught by one of our sensei’s.  We don’t do a lot of weapon work in our regular karate classes, but it’s in our black belt curriculum so generally I watch the black belts practice with envy pouring out of my ears.  It was fun…I felt like a ninja! woot :)–but pretty sure I didn’t *look* like a ninja….lol and then one of our sempais, who has trained extensively in Japanese Jiu Jitsu (lol I almost wrote Japanese BJJ HAH!) showed us some wrist locks and that was cool…I think it’s amazing how you can smush somebody to the ground just by turning their wrist the right way…but it works…you have two choices–fall down or break your wrist…lol

As a side note, I have been using my upcoming karate belt as a motivator, and it seems to be working (Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but my Sensei put aside a belt for me in the next size down as part of a weight loss program) When we’re doing anything tiring…I just picture that red belt sitting in the basket in the office…and it really helps..gives me an extra ounce of energy to keep going…I always thought those things were dumb when websites and books and stuff tell you to do stuff like that…but it really works…really! honestly! 🙂