I hate never knowing what kind of day I’m gonna have until I wake up.

I hate never knowing what’s gonna set me off and trigger my anxiety and/or depression

I’m bitter and whiny cause I had a shitty dream that left me awake at 4 am and feeling totally meh and here I am 3 hours later and I’m still pretty meh and I had so many plans for today and now I don’t know if I can get any of them done and should I try going back to sleep?

sorry, Tumblr.  I’m just super frustrated today.



Yay, one of the condos upstairs from me had a water leak, so now I have water all over my utility room..

Called the emergency # for the condo complex and they are like, “ ok, we’ll call you back…”

*twiddles thumbs*

Had to shut off electric to my water heater and furnace cause that’s where the water is…so..yea..

Fan freaking tastic, this week is going to be awesome…(please note sarcasm)

And my negotiation was for nothing…

So, after playing mediator for an hour or so last Saturday, my father calls me on Sunday and is like, “no, this isn’t going to work, and this is why, even though it is blatantly obviously that I am lying to stall the process.”  Basically, he claimed he can’t put up the money to get my mother out of the house until we sell the property they are currently on, which ISN’T TRUE!  I’m pretty sure our ACCOUNTANT, a friend of the family, who talked this over with my father, and then spoke to me, would know that the money existed.  Grr.  Lots and lots of grr.  So now I’m not sure what I am going to do.  I was so mad on Sunday, I seriously wanted a drink.  Which is not in my personality, I usually only drink during holidays or with friends…basically a social drinker.  So instead, I called my good friend and asked if I could come visit…her children, my “niece” and “nephew”, make everything better.  So I went over their house Sunday night, played with the munchkins, talked to my friend, and felt a little less like someone tipped my world over.  I had rough week as a result, because I didn’t have any of my stuff prepped for the week.  Uggh.  I kinda felt like I just waded through last week and did emergency triage as things came up.  As a result, neither my nutrition nor my exercise was particularly up to snuff.  Hopefully this week will be better.  Some time this week I hope to call or email the accountant and see what our next steps could be.  Yuk.