Why do I feel guilty about things I can’t control?

So, because of various holidays, we have off from school Thursday and Friday. So I originally thought I had a 4 day weekend, free and clear, with band practice being on Tuesday and Wednesday and Saturday night, because when I talked to my band director he said he was going to cancel Friday. So, I told my mom (who lives about 100 miles from me) That I was going to have a 4 day weekend so I could come down for a couple of days.

Today I emailed him to confirm that Friday was off and he emailed me back to say that no, he wasn’t able to cancel Friday so we were practicing Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Then, my mom calls me tonight to say she got out of this baby shower she was going to go to on Saturday and I had to give her the bad news that I had practice Friday night, so I wasn’t going to be able to stay over until Saturday.

So she asks me if I can get out of it….and I’m like, mom, it’s my job! (The Friday practice was originally on the schedule, but then there was a brief conversation where my band director thought it was going to be cancelled…so I can’t claim it wasn’t on the schedule) But I can come down Wednesday Night and stay until Friday Afternoon…and she’s like, well…okay….

and I FEEL SOOOO GUILTY!!!!!!! WHYYYY??????? *sniffles*