So many things, so little time…

I wish I’d had time to write earlier, so much stuff has happened! On Wednesday we had a Systema and muey thai seminar which was way cool 🙂 For the muey thai, we focused on clenches–all different ways to get into them and get out of them and different techniques–like one I remember was a head lock–super swell! 🙂 Systema is a Russian system, similar to krav maga in that it is military in origin. Now If I ever need to crouch down and shoot a machine gun 360 degrees swath I can do it! It was super cool 🙂

Thursday–kickboxing–hmmm…don’t remember anymore *sigh* OH wait, I remember now…our Kyoshi was in town (see next paragraph) and he did some cool self defense with us woot!

Friday–Our Kyoshi, who is in charge of a whole bunch of schools which includes my school also runs a “martial arts school” for owners which covers good business practices and teaching practices and so forth, and every few months they have a seminar at our school on Fridays. Nancy (our head sensei) asked me if I was available to help out and I was…that was an amazing day–Firstly, our Kyoshi (in my opinion) is just amazing person–the epitome of a martial artist! I love being able to hear him speak and train under him when he is visiting. Anywho, he was running the seminar and I got lots of cool tips that I think I will be able to apply in my own classroom this fall when school starts. After the seminar we cleared the mats and trained…I felt so insignificant training with these amazing cool black belts…also saw a CRAZY amazing jits demonstration…oh, so cool…maybe if I learned to count in Japanese I could be as cool as them!!! lol

Anywho, after that we had a FOG (fear of God) test for our advanced brown belts to see who will go on to the Black Belt test which is in October (the other reason Kyoshi was visiting) so I stayed to cheer on some of my classmates who will be getting their black belt..yay!

Saturday–Satori Academy day at the beach! We went to Sandy Hook, a local beach–met at 8 am to do a beach cleanup (we got SO much trash, sheesh!) and then we trained on the beach with Kyoshi…we did a bunch of stuff with the kids and then Kyoshi took us adults and we did balance exersizes in the surf…which was soooo cool….standing on one leg…kicking the waves, punching the waves..pushups, situps…oh it was spectacular fun….yaaay!

^Me, sleeping on the beach and all of us on the steps leading to the beach 🙂
PHEW…and now I’m at band camp for a week (I teach a color guard, if you know what that is…) and it is RAINING which is really sucky but we’ll survive….Just will be very waterlogged….*sigh*