Take Two

Written by @goodfemalecharacters
Art by @winchesterchola
Rating: T
Word Count: 10k
Archive Warning: Major Character Death (not from the main pairing)
Major Tags: End!verse, Mutual Pining, Sam Knows (Some) ASL
Summary: When jumping through universes in an attempt to save his mother, Sam winds up in the End!verse in 2018, four years after Dean’s own visit.  Eileen Leahy is the runner for one of the few remaining human settlements who finds him after stepping through the portal.  
Sam tries not to let his unresolved feelings for his universe’s Eileen to bleed through, but he can’t help it–End!Eileen has all the same traits that made him fall for his version.  Meanwhile, Eileen tries not to fall for a man who will be gone in a week.

Posting February 5th

“If you take first watch, you get to snack,“ Eileen said.

Without another word, she burrowed into the cot’s sparse blankets and closed her eyes.

Sam hadn’t had anything to eat since she’d thrown a very stale pack of animal crackers from her backpack at him a few hours ago, so he made short work at his half of the crackers.  They were just as stale, but that didn’t matter much to his rumbling stomach.

He took the shotgun and trained his eyes and ears on the door. Behind him, Eileen dropped off to sleep, her breathing heavy and even.

His chest constricted again.

Now, more than ever, he wanted to get back to Dean and a universe he understood. Every solid breath behind him was a reminder of how his Eileen wasn’t breathing anymore. He’d meant what he’d said to Dean a year ago—he’d thought of something, of settling down with a hunter. And then, like the universe was giving its blessing, he’d met Eileen a few weeks later. Meeting this version wasn’t catharsis—it was just a twist of the knife.


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