Coming Home

Written by @pherryt
Art by @blue-reveries
Rating: E
Word Count: 5751
Archive Warnings: None
Major Tags: Saileen, Side Destiel, Season 12 finale spoilers, Canon divergent, fix it fic, smut, feelings
Summary: Eileen’s been on the run from the British Men of Letters for weeks. She hasn’t stopped to breathe in at least one, with only one thing on her mind – get to the bunker and find safety. 

And make sure Sam and Dean Winchester know they’re in danger too. 

That they all are.

She finally gets there only to find the bunker a mess and the possibility that she was too late is too strong to ignore.

Posting February 9th

“Eileen? I thought you were dead!” Sam was so surprised that he had forgotten to sign along with his words, something he’d taken to doing nearly the instant they’d met. Good thing she could read lips, Eileen thought.  “Oh my god…I can’t believe…I had hoped…you’re alive!”

He stepped around the bed and grabbed her into a tight hug, his hands clutching at the fabric of her t-shirt. He was shaking as he leaned down to envelope her in his arms, burying his face in her hair. Eileen felt his mouth move, but whatever he said was lost. She thought she had the gist of it though when she felt the wetness fall on her cheek, on her neck.

Sam was crying. She returned the hug, running her hands soothingly along his warm, shirtless back, humming something – the vibrations had always been somewhat soothing to her and she hoped it would to him as well – and just waited.

He pulled away finally, his eyes still shining wetly, and he moved his shaking hands to cup her face wonderingly. Happiness and confusion mixed in. “I’m so happy to see you alive–” the words were hard to pick out “but how?”

“It’s a long story, Sam,” she said, signing as she spoke to be certain she was understood. She didn’t know how well she did or didn’t speak. She couldn’t hear herself, but she’d had a few ‘well meaning’ folks tell her she had an odd way of doing so.

The movement of her hands caught his eyes and he watched her hands moving before he looked back at her. He dropped his and shakily tried to sign as he spoke. It wasn’t second nature to him yet, and it was obvious he was struggling. “I’m sorry – I was rude. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, Sam. I understand. You look exhausted,” Eileen noted.

Sam let out a breath and ran a hand through his hair with a nod. “Yeah, you could say that again. It’s been…a rough couple of days.”


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