You can’t be serious… that shit is soooooo unsafe for the patient and taxing on nurse 😩

As a nursing major this hurts me. It’s already hard enough taking care of someone who cannot take care of themselves but NOW we don’t have the materials needed to administer care. This pisses me off 😒

Man what the fuck

He’s telling the truth, I currently work at a hospital and there is a nationwide shortage of IV fluid bags. So bad that they’re referring to alternative methods like medications that can be administered orally or like the post above. Smh

Not to mention the shortage of antibiotics


Some 40% of drugs and supplies used in the US were manufactured in PR. Drug shortages were predicted after the hurricane and now they are starting to happen.  Since PR doesn’t seem to be considered to be part of the US by this administration, help to fix it has been short and late in coming, which means that drug shortages will only get worse.

Are we great yet?

in the children’s hospital i was rotating at we weren’t changing central line tubing (lines that go.. directly to your heart, as in, not something you want infected) for six days instead of 3 due to shortages

what the fuck

this is sort of horrifying

More than half of my clients have had to have their entire medication regimens reworked. Medication regimens that they had been stable and supported on for months or years. Medication regimens that had helped them steadily improve and progress in their lives had to be thrown out the window and completely started over by trial and error again because their medications are no longer available.

People are dying in Puerto Rico and people are going to die on the continental US as well.

Merck’s main manufacturing facility is in PR, if you want a name.

The FDA actually put out a press release on this today. Apparently it’s not just the IV bags, but the fluids as well that are in short supply. There’s a (worryingly long) list of drugs and related paraphenelia experiencing shortages [here].

Press release was 1/5/2018


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