So… I’ve been suddenly obsessed with drawing…I think it stemmed from watching everyone during inktober…I never knew that was a thing until this year (last year??) Whatever…I get that confused cause I’m a teacher so as far as I’m concerned, October ‘17 is a part of THIS school year…

Anyway, I bought myself a sketchbook because I had an obsession for a tattoo design and I wanted a real place to draw it (somewhere other than random napkins) and it has lead me into actually drawing stuff.

I don’t really think I’m very good at it, I haven’t taken an art class since I was in middle school, but I enjoy doing it and it helps focus keeps me in the present, which I’m really bad at..I tend to wallow in the past or anxiously await the future…

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to show the tattoo design…and maybe another day I’ll find the courage to actually get the, if there is anyone out there, enjoy? Maybe? *Looks uncertain*


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