TUMBLR 101: HOW TAGS WORK! (May 2017)

Tags vs. Search

The first 5 tags!

  • The first 5 tags are your best bet! 
  • Only the first 5 tags show up in tracked tags. Tracked tags are more reliable than search if you want your content to be seen and / or reblogged.
  • Put the important tags (ex. show name, actor name, artist name) in the first 5 tags.
  • Only the first 20 tags show up in search.
  • Only the first 20 tags will cause the post to show up in the tag on your blog
  • So start with the important tags for tracked tags / search, then add tags like “my edits” or “mine” for your own blog organization, and then add FEELINGS and TAG COMMENTARY at the end. 
  • Only new posts will show up in public tracked tags or search. Reblogs will not show up in tracked tags or search.
  • Avoid unnecessary punctuation. Apostrophes ’ are ok to use, but tags with a slash / or a hyphen or a plus sign + or an equal sign = will NOT show up in tracked tags. 

External Links

Tagging Etiquette

  • Don’t tag your hate; it’s considered rude
  • If you use anti tags like #ANTI SHIPNAME, everyone who is searching for SHIPNAME will see your anti post. Don’t use SHIPNAME when creating your anti tag if you don’t want people to get upset about it. 
  • Don’t put something that isn’t an edit in an edit tag. People are going into the edit tag to look for edits and if your post isn’t an edit, it defeats the purpose of the edit tag
  • Don’t spam the tags. 
  • Reblog; don’t repost
  • The OP (original poster) will often read your tags when you reblog a post, so if you say something nasty in the tags, the OP will (probably) see it. Say something nice instead!

Other useful tips:

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