ACL on the road to recovery: Week 4

It’s been one month since I returned to martial arts training!  How quickly it has sped by!  I am starting to feel more confident–this week I did real burpees–prior to this week I was stepping one leg at a time to get from the squat to the pushup position and back again, and I was not doing the jump.  I still took my time, but I pushed both legs out and back again at the same time.  Good stuff.  Still not a fan of jumping jacks and the like–I think this week I’ll try working on some exercises at home that work on that type of movement, see if I can get my confidence up.

We are nearing the end of a kickboxing rotation, so we did some sparring this week.  One of the days I opted out….the other day we were doing only light sparring, so I opted in.  Meh.  I’m super hesitant, I’m afraid to get in close, I stay cautious and safe.  Probably best for now, but I don’t want this to become a habit either.

When I am standing around, I have taken to practicing pivoting motions on my right leg, both inward and outward.  It is outward that worries me the most, so my goal is to slowly practice pivoting with more and more weight on the leg, figuring, eventually I’ll be able to pivot and throw the kick.  Baby steps.  That’s all for this week, see you again next week! 😀

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