Arm Day Tuesday

If you have been reading along, I have proclaimed Tuesday to be arm day.  The LAST thing I felt like doing today when I got home was…well, anything that required moving–as we are in an evil 95 degree heat wave. BUT!  I was determined not to make excuses, which I did a lot of last week.  So, I grit my teeth and said, “I at least have to do some pushups.”  Goal:  Do a pushup.  CRUSHED!  Here’s what I did, in total:

  1. FIVE real pushups with good technique
  2. 100 arm circles forward and backward
  3. 50 in each direction:  Palm presses? I don’t know if that is what these are really called–arms out like you were going to do arm circles, but then you turn palms up/down/front/back and press slightly in that direction.
  4. 30 jabs on my right and left with weights.

Yay!  My very first Arm Day Tuesday was a success!!!  Onward to Leg Day Wednesday tomorrow!



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