ACL on the road to recovery: Week 3

This week started out kind of rough, goal wise.  I’m going to focus on the things that went well, and then decide what things I can improve upon for next week.

Mental goals:

My goals here related to what time I went to sleep, and getting meditating each day.

Sleep:  Sunday through Tuesday I was asleep between 10:00 and 10:30.  This isn’t great, but better than what I was doing last week.  Wednesday night, however, I did a bad job.  I didn’t go to sleep until midnight.  And I surely felt the difference on Thursday!  Meanwhile, Thursday night I went to bed around 10, and Friday I was asleep by 9:45.  So those two nights were a success.

Meditation:  The beginning of the week was a fail.  Thursday, probably due to my lack of sleep Wednesday night, I was very anxious.  I dragged myself to karate, but when I got home, I was still feeling major symptoms.  I knew I couldn’t go to sleep that way–so I took 15 minutes of guided meditation with my friendly meditation app, headspace.  OMG! IT WAS AWESOME!  It totally did the trick!  The meditation calmed me down and relaxed me.  I slept really well that night–partially due to being exhausted, but also because of the meditation. Surely, if I had tried to go to bed that night without meditating, I would have gotten very little sleep!  Since Thursday, it has been much easier to set aside the time to meditate.  I needed a reminder!

Exercise Goals:
Going to karate was probably my only successful exercise goal.  I definitely need to focus on this a lot more this coming week.

Nutrition Goals:

I did well with eating dinner–but not so much with lunch.  Preparation is really important towards being successful, and I failed to prepare.  I bought all the materials for lunch, but failed to put them together prior to the week’s start.  So I need to set up all my lunches for the week today.  On the bright side, on Thursday and Friday, I determined I wasn’t eating yukkie bad for me food and bought a salad at Wawa when I got my coffee in the morning.

So, what can I do to improve for this coming week?

Exercise:  I am going to set aside a specific time RIGHT WHEN I GET HOME to do my exercises.  I am keeping to the same order:

  • Mondays and Thursdays:  Go to Karate 😀 😀
  • Tuesdays:  Arm Day
  • Wednesdays:  PT exercises/Leg Day
  • Fridays: Ab Day
  • Saturday and Sunday:  Go for a walk


but specifically going to exercise the instant I get home, so I don’t have time to “relax” and then never get to my exercise.

Mental:  I must work harder on making myself go to bed earlier.  There is nothing else to it.  It’s not like I’m doing anything important, I’m just watching tv or playing on my laptop.  I also learned that meditating at any time of the day can help, and if I don’t make it in the morning, there are other times that I can fit it in and it will do me good.  Right now I’m having trouble getting going in the morning, so my goal for this week is to fit it in where ever it will go.

Nutrition:  Preparation, preparation, and preparation.

That’s all for this week–see you again next week!



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