ACL on the road to recovery: Week 1

**A copy of my Week 1 post from Facebook**

Wednesday Update:
29 weeks since surgery
ACL on the road to recovery: Week 1

I’m really great with triage. Have 10 fires to put out and need to know where to start? I’m your girl. Need a list? I’m FANTASTIC with lists. I can make lists of lists! Have 20 things to do and 2 hours to do them in? I’m in! Need a logical point of view to help make a decision? I am all ears and eyes.

Two things I don’t do well: feelings and change. YUK. The past two weeks have been filled with both, and have derailed some of my goals. More about that in a second.

1. Ending Physical Therapy: I guess I figured PT would be like going to the doctor. If you go on a regular basis, you kind of get to know everyone, but you do your thing, and then you leave. And, maybe that is how it generally is. But PT took the place of karate in my life, and the people there became an important piece in my daily and weekly activities. Plus, I really really liked all of the people at my PT…everyone was super friendly and helpful, and genuinely nice. I saw them 3 times a week for 6 months. I knew their schedules. It was crazy hard to say goodbye. I miss them.

2. Return to Martial Arts: Yay! I was so excited to return!!! I am glad that I made the choice to remain in PT until I was cleared to return to training–it definitely made the change over much easier. And I am happy to see all of my karate friends again, especially Lisa My first karate class last Monday after the doctor appointment I felt very cautious…but each class since I have felt more confident. It definitely is going to be a while, however, before I am at 100%. One thing at a time, right?

Anyway, all of my goals have been totally kablooie for the past two weeks, so I need to pull a total reset button. I have gotten distracted by all these ikky feelings and I need to recenter myself and get my eyes back on the goal: ACL on the road to recovery.

So, my first goal is to accept that I got distracted, and refocus myself–rebuild my lego tower, so to speak. I have to decide what is going to make the best foundation for that. Shihan was just talking about this in class tonight, which I think was a sign.

As I previously mentioned, I am moving my weekly posts to my WordPress blog. Please feel free to follow me directly at I have it set up to automatically post a link to Facebook and twitter, so you can keep a lookout for those as well. The rest of this week the posts are reviews of my Facebook posts–My first official new post will be on Sunday June 4th.

I am going to try to post consistently on Sundays, so keep a lookout! Meanwhile, my goal for now through Sunday is this: 1. What is the most important action that I need to set a goal for first that will support all of my future goals, and 2. What exactly will that goal be?

Thanks as always for reading!



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