Welcome Back….and…My most recent obsession

Hi!  So…posts have been…well..non-existent…and while there are five thousand other things I ought to be doing…I thought, gosh, lemme start my blog back up again…much better then the (very long) list of things I’m supposed to accomplish…

I’m also going to try to post at least once a month…that seems like a reasonable amount of time…and should ensure I have something to talk about (rather important when writing a blog…)

Has been Doctor Who….

I recently watched all of the “New Who” and got totally (re)obsessed with David Tennant…

I mean, how could you not???

In any case, I’m so obsessed…that I decided that when I go to NYCC in October I’m going to cosplay as the 10th doctor…which has caused me to spend a whole bunch of money that..well..really I shouldn’t…but still…I hope it comes out well..

Anyway, training update…

In April 2015 I tested for, and received my karate black belt…it was insane..but I did it 😀  

As a result of my focus on my black belt training, I had minimized my BJJ training…and I haven’t gotten really back into it…so that needs to be my next goal…get back into it…

Anyways…until next time…


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