Weekly Training=A- Weekly Nutrition=C+

This week felt great training-wise.  I went to my fitness class Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.  I missed Wed. because of last minute baby sitting (more on that in a bit) and I trained karate on Monday and Thursday, AND got to BJJ on Thursday.  On Tuesday, which is our “arms day” at fitness, I went up to 10 lb and 8 lb free weights from 5 lb and 8 lb freeweights 😀 yay 😀 (lower weight for shoulders)  

**Random side note, why do we have such an odd weight measurement system…and why do we use the abbreviation lb for the word pound?  grr***

Nutrition on the other hand..my very good friend asked me if I could babysit her daughter, Madelyn, who is my “niece by choice”… but it was unexpected, and as a result, didn’t pack my food for the next day (since I usually sleep over their house when I babysit and leave straight from there for work)–also why I missed fitness on Wednesday.

So, Thursday night–Wednesday afternoon I did not eat nutritionally very well, although I tried very hard to eat correct serving sizes….and as I write this I am at my mother’s house, and here there is no eating healthy.  Yummy, yes.  Healthy, no…

But tomorrow is a new day, and a chance to go for A+ for both next week! 😀


One thought on “Weekly Training=A- Weekly Nutrition=C+

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