I need a friend!

So, all of my regular rolling partners are injured–it’s like injury central at my school right now…and there was an odd number of people today, so poor lonely female (ie, me) had to beg for a friend to roll with….We usually do the hands up, need a partner deal, and there I was, hand up waving away, going “i need a friend” and was totally ignored.  *sigh* (side note:  there are a lot of new guys in class right now, and a lot of the regular guys that I would roll with were not there tonight).  So when we switched, our instructor paired people so I got a partner (yay) but he was spazzy and STRONG!  Knew just enough to be dangerous…and he literally could pick my arm up from him and place it somewhere else and I couldn’t stop him. *snarl*  However, although he had a lot of strength, either lack of flexibility or technique because he was very loose/light in his side mount.  So he would muscle past my guard, I would bide my time, and pull guard again.  After like the third time he grunted in frustration.  In my head I smiled :).

On another note, in exactly 11 days is my first tourney as a blue belt…AAAAHHHH!

Life has been crazy busy…there were like five other posts I wanted to write but time has been short.

Today at work I literally took a piece of lined paper, wrote down three separate lists of things that need to be done (one for work, one for the color guard I coach, and one for the grad class I’m taking) and TAPED it to my desk.  I was starting to have anxiety attacks because I was afraid I was going to forget to do something.  My brain is like swiss cheese on a good day–never mind when I have a kabillion things to do…

Hopefully the coming weeks will allow me to write more often! 🙂


One thought on “I need a friend!

  1. Man, I hate that awkward feeling when you are the odd man out. But I am kind of disappointed that your male teammates didn’t man up and invite you to drill with them. Maybe they’re just newbies like you said. But that’s not cool. Good luck at your tournament!! 🙂

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