Rediscovery of the importance of having a goal

About a year and a half ago, I started on a journey to loose weight.  I made a goal with my karate instructor that my next belt would be one size smaller.  It worked.  I lost 10 pounds, got a new belt, it is a size smaller and the world was great.  Since then, I have not been successful in loosing any additional weight.  I know that part of the reason is because I have gotten stronger, and so when there is an easier option, my lazy self does the easier option.  In a way, it was a lot easier when EVERYTHING was hard.

So, I decided to make my next tourney a goal.  It’s the first tourney I’m going to do as a blue belt, so I kind of feel a little more pressure to perform well.  During karate class, we usually end with a 5-10  minute workout of varying types…usually some combo of situps, pushups, squats, burpees, etc.  So I imagined that I was on the mat during competition, and every time I felt like pausing, I thought “if I were competing right now, if I stopped I would get choked out.  I would keep pushing.”. And that prevented me from “letting” myself take a break.  Did I have to slow down? Yes.  Did I stop? No!  Did I push myself harder then I have been?  Yes!

Note to self for the future- HAVE A GOAL!


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