My New Shiny Blue Belt–12/3/11

So, this is a little bit of old news, but I am giddy to announce that I got my blue belt! yaaaaaay!!!!!

The best part of it is that I didn’t even mean to get it…I went in that morning to help my friend Lisa who was nervous about testing for her stripe, and when our instructor got there, he asked me if I was testing…and I said, “no.” He asked me how I was feeling and I was like, “good..” (and thinking he’d lost his mind)…and then he said, well, get your gi on, you’re testing! and so, this is the amazing story of how I got my blue belt. It was totally unexpected. Makes it that much more sweet, I think!

ta da! brand new blue belt, yay!

Here is the group of us that tested that day:

Lisa and I went out for an afternoon celebratory drink afterwards:


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