Yay! Score for Regina :)

I found out my grades for my grad class–93 on my final, an A on my paper, and an A for the course!  Yay virology! (<–that’s the last time I think I’ll ever say that!).  AND,  I got notification yesterday we were approved for the grant that we applied for so I’m super excited about that…and, although this wasn’t a national grant, where there are thousands of applicants, still I wrote the grant and it got accepted, so I am allowing myself to bask in some glory about that. (which is not my natural tendency!)

I’m competing in a tourney tommorrow that I feel horribly unprepared for, but my Mom wanted to go and see me, and my brother was available to drive her up (she is in her 70’s and it’s an hour and a half from her house) and I basically will do anything my Mom wants if it won’t kill me (cause she had a scary year health wise last year, so it has made me a little neurotic) so off I go to compete.

My allergies are KILLING me…uggh…it’s been raining here for a week and I have a mold allergy *bleeeh* I’d like to cut my nose off, thanks!

On a less happy note, I may need a root canal (waaah!) but I’ll know more on Tuesday, I have an appointment with a root canal specialist person (I know the real name, I just can’t spell it)

But so many other happy stuffs have happened I’m in denial about the root canal for now.  I’ll worry about that on Tuesday. (knock on wood, not in pain)

Have a happy weekend all! 🙂


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