What happens when a lefty and a righty throw the same kick during sparring?

They hit each other in the knee and fall down in agonizing pain.

No serious damage, but it HURTS. and of course, this occurs the week before my tourney on the 13th. Which mght be the most prepared tourney I’ve ever had. (side note…wordpress is not letting me see anything I type right now, so I’m totally not liable for any mistakes) Anyway…This might be the most prepared I’ve ever been for a tourney, and I’m super excited cause *FINALLY* there are more people from my dojo coming out to watch and compete. yay! As such, we did some practice competitions with everyone standing in a circle and giving competers matches…so that was super cool 🙂

Also, I have advice fo the unwanted correction–….”Thanks..ok…” and then just ignore it. I hate that. Like, I’m pretty aware of when I’m doing something wrong, and I try very hard not to get my hackles up when someone who is not as experienced then I am (and making mistakes of their own) corrects me. That’s the instructor’s job. Thanks for playing.  just my thought. There’s a time and a place to correct someone. Personally, no matter how WRONG a higher belt was doing something, I would NEVER think to correct them. It’s just not my place. But that’s just me. (AHHA! If I highlight what I write, I can see it. cool.) Just a little mini rant from me. Sorry if there are any major spelling errors or typos. I can’t spell when I can see what I’mt yping..never mind when I can’t! lol 🙂


3 thoughts on “What happens when a lefty and a righty throw the same kick during sparring?

  1. That’s how I was taught in TKD, too — a higher belt is right until an even higher belt corrects them. (And the instructor is always right, even when he’s wrong!) We also have had some new people recently who feel the need to correct everyone. I’m with you: they might even be right, but it still isn’t their place to make that correction.

  2. I have felt that way too. As a rule of thumb, I try not to correct anyone unless they ask me what I think about something they are doing. Even if I am right, it might come across the wrong way.

  3. Oh good, I’m glad you all agree with me…I felt a little like I was being harsh/grr I’m a higher belt then you, hear me roar! but I guess it comes down to a respect thing..I respect a higher belt then me and know they are giving me good advice to make me spar better (which..well..is almost a hopeless cause!) but it just makes me snarl inside when someone of a lesser rank corrects me on stuff…I was very strongly practicing calmness and patience and non-annoyance that night!

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