If plan a doesn’t work–try plan b!

So, I’ve been trying to be good an eat a decent breakfast and bring lunch to school (I’m a teacher, so school=’s work!).  But, it just hasn’t been working out.  What has been occurring is I’ve been coming to school, and then buying breakfast, coffee, and lunch.  This is detrimental in several ways–1st–school food is overpriced for adults, considering its basically the same food the kids get for half the price they charge adults.  2nd..it’s GROSS…greasy and yukky and carb-filled.  3rd, it means that instead of putting truvia and fat free half and half in my coffee, it means I put sugar and regular half and half in my coffee.

SO, this morning, I brought all the materials needed to eat breakfast and lunch to school!  We have a small fridge in our prep room, where I can store fat free half and half, milk, peanut butter and jelly… and a coffee maker.  So today I got to school, made a bowl of cereal and ate my yogurt, made a pot of coffee,  and then for lunch I made a pb&j sandwich.  Yay!  No extra money spent, and calories deducted!  Success!


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