Valentine’s Date with a 5 month old??

Today I skipped bjj AND karate

I wish I could say I had a hot date…

Well I did, but with the cutest little munchkin in my life, for whom I am an adopted “aunt”–my best friend’s 5 month old, Madelyn.

I babysat tonight so my friend and her husband could go out and enjoy some them time.

This was actually a slightly anxiety filled activity, because I’ve never babysat by myself before.  Not, never babysat a 5 month old, never babysat.  Not any child of any age.  For whatever reason, I was “not allowed” as a teenager.  So I never did.  So I was nervous.  I felt dumb that I felt nervous…My friends were LITERALLY down the street to see a movie…and I’ve spent plenty of time with Maddy basically by myself, when Brandt was downstairs and Mandi asleep..but somehow, seperating the parents from the munchkin makes for more anxiety for the new-to-baby-everything aunt!

But it was a challenge, and I was determined to see it through…plus I want to be able to spend time with her whenever, and if I am too afraid to spend a few hours with her while her parents are watching a movie, when am I ever going to get over that?  So off I went.  I managed to work myself into tears on the way there (anxiety is not a rational emotion, in any way shape or form, which is very frustrating)

But once I was there everything was fine.  We played for a bit and then she napped in my lap while I watched NCIS reruns on USA.  I attempted to move her to her swing for a while, but she woke up and I couldnt’ bear to watch her….just…stare at me…she’s got that down pat…She doesn’t fuss, or cry…she just…LOOKS at you.  So, being the easily manipulated aunt, I picked her up and we sat back down to watch tv and she fell asleep again, and there she was when my friends got home.

There was only one hiccup, and that was cause I accidently laughed while watching NCIS (and honestly, how can you not laugh while watching NCIS???) and I startled her out of sleep and she started to cry…but we were calm and collected and walked her around until she stopped 🙂

Then I got to learn how to feed her…she’s just starting “food”  which apparently means oat “cereal” mixed with formula…so I got to do that too 🙂

She’s sooo cute..and getting big SO FAST!  It kills me!! I’ve never known a little baby before..I was the youngest in my family and my brother didn’t have any kids, and this is the first of my really close friends to have a baby before, so everything is new and cool….lol…

But now I faced my fear of watching her 🙂 yay!!! That means I get to watch her more often!!!! yaaaaaaaaaay!

I wish I could post a picture, but mom and dad don’t want her picture out on cyberspace, and honestly, I can’t blame them…but then you could see just how dang cute she is…

and I wouldn’t trade tonight for the world…even bjj 🙂


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