Getting into a routine…

Since Christmas, I have been having trouble finding and keeping a routine with anything…school (my grad class), school (where I work), school (my dojo), and personal stuff like blogging, visiting my parents, and spending time with my 5 month old “niece” (the “” are because she isn’t TECHNICALLY my niece…but her mother is my super closest friend and I’m Aunt Regina so in my brain that makes her Niece Madelyn).  This is mostly because of the snow.  STUPID SNOW!  For those of you who are not in the north east, for the past month, at least once each week, we have been bombarded with snow or ice that has caused delayed openings, early dismissals, the cancellation of “school” and made for trecherous driving.

I am not one of those people who will go totally looney if their schedule is disrupted (mainly because, if you ask any of my friends, I am already loony) but I do require a consistancy in my week to keep up good habits–exersizing, eating right, cleaning my house, getting work done for “school” (isn’t it great how much I fit into the definition of the word school?)

So at the moment, I feel a hair more disorganized then I usually do, mainly because of these random snow days–I’m slowly working at making some sense of it all…

Meanwhile, what brought this up, was that my school added a second bjj night, mainly as a review of the things we did on monday, and I FINALLY was able to attend since my schedule wasn’t totally messed up, so that was swell.  I also finally got home from my grad class on time and since class wasn’t cancelled for weather, I was able to go on Thursday as well.  So, for the first time in a month, I got 3 days of training in, which makes me very happy.  Hopefully the weather holds out so I can continue to do so..

On the bright side, the groundhog did whatever he was supposed to do so spring comes early.  I’m excited.  I’m SO TIRED of this snow.  It is totally boo.  I want some warm weather and green leaves.

Hopefully next week I will get back to my regularly scheduled blogging 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting into a routine…

  1. Snow…I am so tired of the snow. I would like a week with no shoveling, school delays, ice melt or cancelled classes. I live in Eastern PA and there has been snow on the ground since Christmas.

    I sure hope the groundhog got it right!

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