Possible Focus for the next 2 months?

On March 13th, I’m competing in the local tourney that is associated with my bjj instructor at my school.  (Anyone in the New Jersey Area? Check it out!)

Anywho, this is the first time I’ve really decided I was going to compete and had time to honestly train for said competition.  My very first competition I decided all of three days before the tourney that I was going to compete, and the second one, I was SO busy, I was lucky if I found one day a week for the month leading up to the tourney to go to class, nevermind focus on something.

So now, here I am, preparing for my 3rd tourney, and actually have the time to think about what to focus on for competing.


Yea.  That’s a problem.  One thought I had was that I need to work on being more aggressive towards implementing “my game” <–I put that in quotes cause I don’t have a “game” to speak of…but I know I am not active enough in trying to get a takedown and go to a more dominant position, a lot of times I let the other person control that part and then when I am smushed I think to myself, “gosh, Regina, that was dumb”…but it’s already too late.

BUT any good goal has to have an action plan–how are you going to achieve that goal–so if my goal is to be more aggressive (if that’s the right word for it…its the only word my brain can come up with at 11:47 pm on a Sunday when I should be asleep already) how do I work on achieving that goal?  And is that a good goal?  Opinions please! 🙂


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