No more wimpy pushups

Last night I knew I only had energy from one class (I normally go to bjj and then karate afterwards)  So I (reluctantly) skipped bjj and went to karate…..

I HATE pushups.  HATEHATEHATE.  I have always sucked at them, and when I started karate I was so weak I couldn’t even do them properly on my knees.  I very clearly remember this.

We were doing some cardio at the end of class…in a tobata-ish protacol..30 sec i think per exersize…and of course..pushups.  EVIL THINGS…and my Sensei comes over and says, I want you to do 10 regular pushups…so there I am, doing regular pushups while she’s counting them *OUCH*…and then she says…”good more knees for you anymore”

So, yay…I’m getting stronger…boo…no more wimpy pushups…

MEANWHILE, saw a post on facebook by Fenom KimonosTop 50 BJJ Blogs…a lot of all you all bloggie peeps got mentioned…little ol me even got mentioned! *wow*  so, CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!


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