Side control

I think I mentioned this in another post, but I recently found myself volunteered to be the moderator of a bjj group for my school.  It is a private blog, just for members of my school.  I struggled with the idea of giving out my personal blog as a reference, but one of the things I like about this blog is there aren’t really many people in my real life who know about this blog and I wanted to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, I also am having difficulty writing information for BOTH BLOGS–especially considering they are on THE SAME SUBJECT!

SOOOOO…I feel like I’m cheating a bit, but for a while I am going to cross post on both blogs the same info.  So I apologize in advance for random references to class and if it sounds like Im speaking to a particular audience…well..I am…sorry! 

Regina  🙂

One of the positions I positively DESPISE is side control–well I mean, when somebody has ME in side control, not the other way around. I struggle to understand how to escape from side control–its definitely NOT my strong point. This Monday, we briefly spoke about why we do the “superman” exersize and how you use it to escape from side control. One of my difficulties is somehow I have it hardwired in my brain (possibly from our regular classes) that the best way to escape is to try and pull guard…which…well…is hard!

Since I’m currently (like everyone else) snowbound, I did some hunting and pecking on youtube for some videos on side control.

This first shows several scenarios and switching weight and position to get your partner to change their position. He also brings up some good points about how to deal with a partner who has a very solid strong base, and the importance of giving some resistance when you are practicing! He also talks about committing to a move–even if you are trying to fake someone out, you have to 100% commit to the move or the fake out will not work.

This video shows a different technique for escaping side mount…I particularly like his attention to the grips–if your grip technique is wrong, it is unlikely your move will be successful–this video shows off proper grips well (in my opinion!)

Questions, Comments Concerns???


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