car broken :(

car stalled today on my way home from band practice.  Had to call aaa to get it towed 😦  Luckily I was near a friend’s house and they stayed with me till they came AND lent me a car so I could get back to my house (cause I was a half hour from my home).  Sadly, since the place it was towed to is closed tommorrow I’m not going to find out what is wrong with my car until Monday.  😦

Sad day.

(wondering how I’m getting to work on Monday…..hmmmmmm)


3 thoughts on “car broken :(

    • meeee tooo…I went to visit it this morning…it looked so lonely, sitting in front of the repair place :(. I hope there is nothing super serious wrong with it, I’m kindof attached to it…I’ve been driving it for 10 years (literally)….and I want to let go of it on my own terms, not cause it died…is that dumb? it’s a car…lol

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