Days off are freaking amazing

  Today was ikky and rainy.  All day. Most NJ schools (including mine) have off this Thurs. and Fri. for the NJ teachers convention.  So no work for me.  No marching band for me either (ie, job 2).  Today I did no required activities.  No cleaning, no cooking, no sweeping, no laundry, no dishes, no grading. 

I went to my friend Mandi’s house, and we went shopping for a mutual friend who’s baby shower is next week.  Then we picked up her adorable munchkin from her daycare, and played with her and watched tv and ordered in dinner and napped and watched more tv.

I am greatly looking forward to next week where I will spend my evenings at karate and bjj instead of band and exhausted on my couch.

Yup.  I think that’s it for now.  Maybe one day soon I’ll get back to posting about karate and bjj–as well as catching up on the blogs I haven’t read in a month or so.



2 thoughts on “Days off are freaking amazing

  1. I am not sure i knew you were in NJ, we might be “almost” neighbors!. I am a (former) Pitman band parent. Our daughter was drum major so I know how time consuming it can be.

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