How do you deal with….

A new woman bjj student who is very competative and doesn’t like to be corrected (even when you weren’t even trying to correct her you were just coaching while she was rolling?)

So first, lets start out that there was an odd # of people, and in particular, the oddness was that there were three women. So for our drills, me and lisa were partners, and new bjj girl went with Sensei Nancy. Fine, all and good. Today we spent time reviewing stuff that is going to be on the exam coming up in two weeks…and then time to roll…Sensei Nancy couldn’t roll because she hurt her knee, so we made a three-some (that sounds so wrong! lol)

Anyway, first she complains that it is annoying when there is an odd number of people that one person has to sit out…well, that’s just kinda the way it works….everyone’s been there…

Anywho, Lisa and I roll first, and when Cabeca (our instructor) says switch, Lisa goes with the new girl. Lisa is starting to learn how to hold her own, so I decided to help the new girl, who was in Lisa’s guard, and totally failing to put her hands on Lisa’s hips…So I’m giving basic advice….put your hands on her hips, posture up…anywho, when the roll was finished, she (new girl) was super defensive, “I was trying to do that the whole time!” I was thinking to myself, no, you weren’t, your hands weren’t even NEAR her hips, never mind ON her hips, NEVER MIND controlling her hips. But I didn’t say any of that I just nodded.

My turn for the insanity. I roll with her. She’s a beast…refused to get caught in guard, which was good (well for her, not for me!), and got to side control. I was bad and let her take my back cause I knew she’d give me enough space to get out….and although she has some wrestling background (apparently the rest of her family wrestles) I was pretty sure she didn’t know how to finish from there. And I was right, got out from there and into her guard….don’t really remember the next couple of moves, but she ended up in mount (she’s fast) but then she just…sat there….like she was riding a horse. Really? You worked really hard to get to mount, and now you are just going to sit there and squeeze all the air out of me? I wanted to show her how to finish, but I kept my mouth shut cause I didn’t want her to get all defensive on me again. Instead I worked on getting out of mount (which for the record, is HARDER when your opponenet is just refusing to do anything cause it’s much harder to get them off balance!) I got almost halfway there when time was called…I was positively exhausted….and I had been trying to slow down–but she was…i dunno…a tornado?

Anywho, I was totally put off by her getting all defensive on me…I guess I’ll just keep my mouth shut? Or just help Lisa next time! 🙂


2 thoughts on “How do you deal with….

  1. New people always think they’re doing what they’re told to do. (Especially if you’re telling them to relax.:P) Really, though, until she learns a little more, I wouldn’t worry about trying to coach her since most of the time, she either doesn’t understand what you’re asking her to do or can’t get her body to respond appropriately. If you know she’s learned something, you might remind her of it, but don’t worry about whether she does it right or not. It’ll take her a while for her brain to realize what her body’s doing.

    • thanks 🙂 I was just put off a little cause I was just trying to be helpful and was totally caught off guard by her defensiveness. I guess I forget that not everyone is used to that kinda feedback!

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