Today I feel like a typical Jealous Female–I HATE IT!

Warning: Female Girly Rant that has nothing to do with BJJ. Read at your own risk!!!


So today I found out that one of the other guard instructors has a serious crush on one of the other band staff members, who I happen to have a super serious crush on also….uggghhh…and I am sooo jealous cause she and the other guard instructor was talking about it and the other guard instructor was like, well you could make a move during our championship weekend…blah blah blah..and i’m thinking to myself…NO, that was MY PLAN….grrrrr…it’s just not fair….and there’s no one I can talk to about it and I hate life……well… life…uggghhh…Life feels so unfair right now….I’m just mad cause she probably has the better chance cause she’s likely to actually try and I’m not that forward and…ugghh…but then i talked to someone else and they mentioned they thought he had a girlfriend, and then I was like, that’s fine as long as it isn’t my other guard instructor! I feel like was just transported back to when I was 15. Really?

sorry all you guys out there who accidently read thru this….but I figured the title was warning enough!

Okay, rant over, time to get over myself, stop whining, and keep moving.

Thanks for listening….:/


4 thoughts on “Today I feel like a typical Jealous Female–I HATE IT!

  1. I hate situations like that. Are you friends with this guy already? Or are you kind of on an acquaintance basis? One thing I have never done is get into competition with a girl over a guy. I just see no point. If a guy likes me, he likes me. If not, see ya! I’m not going to vie for his attention while he’s busy deciding who is more worth his time. Forget that!!

    Well, at least, that was my attitude before I became a happily married woman. πŸ™‚

  2. @ jen…thanks πŸ™‚

    @ Allie…no, i’m not into the compete for attention kinda person either, it just became obvious last night that she liked him and there was like NO ONE I could tell cause she was around all the time….so it just festered and I had to get it out before I exploded! (and I hate when I feel all jealous its such a suckky feeling…no wonder people get totally consumed by it!)

    It’s more of an acquaintance basis…but I’ve held his acquaintance longer then she has πŸ™‚ lol

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