Life is busy!

there were things I wanted to blog…I just…am not at a computer that will allow me access when I think of them….and then by the time I end my day…the thoughts have drifted off somewhere unaccessable…Yesterday i woke up an hour and a half late…thank goodness it was a dress down day…didn’t have to think too hard about what to wear…sped to school…managed to get there reasonabley…oh well…busybusybusy…can’t wait till band season is over…its fun its just…time consuming…today we have a competition…tommorrow i have to go to a wedding…i’m taking monday off cause the wedding is 100 miles away and our school doesn’t get Columbus day as a holiday….and I forgot to put out substitute notes and stuff…urk! OH WELL…can’t worry about it now!!!! Hopefully will find time later to write something actually related to my blog…lol


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