Not much to report….

Life is busy! Marching Band takes up most of my non-school hours…the two nights I can get to class are like chocolate ice cream (I REALLY like chocolate ice cream) In about 3 weeks I’m stripe testing for my 3rd stripe, assuming I can get out of band practice…which I’m kinda nervous about but can’t really put into words at the moment…I’m sure theres more to come on that subject!

Today has been a lazy day…played on the computer, napped, paid some bills (in between playing on the computer)…I needed it…week was long and rainy, which equals exhausting. I checked my daily food intake on to give me a guesstimate if I’m eating a proper ratio of foods…my carbs appear to be a little on the high side according to their mysterious calculations, but it’s much better then it used to be so I’ll take that. I appear to have been successful in adding more protein to my diet (yay yogurt!) so that is also happy news.

anywho…till next time

same bat time, same bat channel


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