Video of match!

so, it’s mostly me being smushed and choked….and I apologize that my brother apparently was incredibly distracted by an EMPTY MAT halfway through the video…sigh…

Any thoughts comments and constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, ps, I’m in the blue gi with the white belt…please take note that I am competing against a girl in a white gi with a BLUE belt–lol πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Video of match!

  1. Considering you fought a blue belt, congratulations!

    Don’t give your back from under mount. Back control is worse.

    From under mount, try getting your knees in between you and your opponent. Protect the neck first, but use one hand to push one of her legs down and jam your knee back in between for half guard. It doesn’t have to be pretty (although you had a beautiful upa-and-roll).

    When she rolls you into mount, don’t give up those four points. Go crazy. The best effort you’ll spend in a match is if you buck and push and create a scramble that ends with her back in half guard, or anything other than mount. Don’t just accept that she got mount – she has to hold it for four seconds.

    Aside from that, you defended well, you stayed in the fight, and you did great!

    • I actually remember thinking.. “no…giving her my back is bad…abort! abort!” lol πŸ™‚

      The funny thing about the umpa and roll is that I have no memory of it…I was squished…..and then I was in her guard and I was like “how’d I get here? cool!”

      Thank you for the good comments πŸ™‚ Getting out of mount (and not getting there in the first place) is one of my primary objectives–that and the evil side mount…I’m super lucky she didn’t get side mount…I don’t think I would have lasted as long. I actually have rolled with her before, she is a student at one of the other schools my instructor teaches at, and the day I was visiting that school she was there. That day she had me in side control, and I couldn’t do ANYTHING (and I know when I finally did it’s cause she was nice and let me!) I’m also super lucky she never closed her guard…I dunno if she just has super long legs or super strong legs, but I would have been done for!

  2. @ Valerie–Thanks πŸ™‚ lol its kinda funny every one has been giving me mad props and I’m like…well I was there, and she was there and if I said no, then I wouldn’t get to compete…so I said yes…

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